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Subj: Re: Supergirl "World's Finest" Review *SPOILERS*
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Reply Subj: Supergirl "World's Finest" Review *SPOILERS*
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Supergirl finally meets the Flash in a joyful thrill ride that has a lot of laughs, a lot of love and a plenty of heart. Supergirl is feeling just a little overwhelmed when she comes against two villains who want to take her down. On top of all this, Supergirl still must regain the city’s trust after she had been infected with Red Kryptonite. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that light is revealed to be a new ally called the Flash. But not everything is fine even when he shows up because Barry has his own problems and that is finding a way home. Good thing Barry now has Supergirl, but higher priorities pull the heroes into a showdown with two powerful villains.

In the last episide, I didn’t like the fact that Supergirl’s troubles in regaining the trust of National City after her encounter with Red Kryptonite were mentioned and then quickly forgotten. And here it is mentioned again and Kara explains to Winn it doesn’t matter what she does, people still don’t trust her. It would be nice to see this kind of stuff on the screen instead in a conversation. The issue can easily fill up an entire episode, and more besides. Come on Showrunners, take a few risks!

As always, Cat acts as a sort of mentor to Kara with a nice, and hilarious, cupcake scene that parallels Kara’s empty love life. The perfect way to get Mehcad is to make him jealous and doing less is doing more. At first, Kara was reluctant to even touch one of those cupcakes because they belong to Cat. But then after Cat gives Kara some very sound advice, Kara works up her courage and tries grabbing a cupcake. Then as a final stroke of some genius writing, Kara gets her hand stopped by Cat who refuses to let her have any, “These are mine.” So hilarious!

This episode is a breath of fresh compared to the doom and gloom of Superman V. Batman. World’s Finest truly is the antidote to that horribly done hack job. This is how to do a team up between two characters and this is how it should be done. Snyder, take notes and take a lot of notes because this is how you do it. Hopefully, we will see these two team up again in the future.

Kara hits it off with Barry right away, especially when Barry needs something to eat. It’s almost like Kara wanted to say, “Where have you been all my life?!” But instead she says with one of the cutest smiles I ever did see, “Do you like doughnuts?” This episode has it all and then some. Like I said, it’s a breath of fresh air.

Supergirl and the Flash manage to find the time to compete a little. “I got here first...I let you.” All this while about to confront two very powerful villains. And things do not go according to plan if there was a plan to begin with. Both heroes neglect to come up with one can are unable to bring the villains and are forced to retreat to fight another day. At least Kara gets a nice pep talk from Barry about her situation about regaining the trust of National City. It’s a nice character building moment for Kara and a nice moment for Barry, too, as he steps into the role of wise mentor just long enough to give Kara the boost in spirits that she needs as she faces her own problems.

It was expected, but a little heart breaking, that Siobhan’s relationship with Winn would end badly. Some fans may say this relationship between them didn’t make sense. Maybe, maybe not. But then we wouldn’t have the sad scene of a pleading Winn trying to persuade Siobhan from hurting more people. With a look of sorrow, Siobhan gives us a glimmer that part of her listens to Winn, but ultimately her lust for revenge wins out and she attacks the man she has been close to and thus fully embracing her new role as Silver Banshee; and in turn, finally removing the last vestiges of her humanity. The writing her is a little weak since this could have been focused on more than it has, but it works well enough for this fan. However, it won’t work for others who have a better eye on story and plot.

Finally, a plan is in place and Barry actually uses that brain of his and creates earplugs to help counter Banshee’s scream and it works like a charm. But the scene that gets me is the fact that even this does not help the heroes save the day. Livewire easily beats the Flash and then zaps Supergirl with enough electricity to seriously weaken her enough for a killing blow. Most surprising of all was the crowd of onlookers come to Supergirl’s rescue and are willing to lay down their lives for Supergirl when just a short time ago they were afraid of her. On one hand, the scene works for the purpose it serves. It’s nice to see a city come to Supergirl’s rescue for once and watching those Firefighters help Supergirl take down both Livewire and Silver Banshee was nice and heartwarming. Supergirl has regained the city’s trust and it’s nice to see this happen. But, on the hand, I really don’t like how this was handled so quickly. Two episodes and Supergirl has managed to repair the damaged she caused already because the showrunners were too afraid to take a few risks. This mistrust could have easily been focused on a lot more and throughout the rest of the season but instead it sees a quick resolution. The resolution is nice, but it came on too quickly.

Finally, Kara reveals her true feelings to Mehcad. There is a little tip toeing involved but she kisses the man she has had the hots for ever since the pilot episode. On one hand, I like it. But on the other hand, I don’t because I’m in the “Kara should be with Winn” camp. It’s the tension of opposites you might say. But let’s hope the showrunners do what THEY want to do without pandering to the fans (Olicity anyone?).

All in all, this was a fun episode to watch. It wasn’t perfect, but it was highly entertaining. This gets a 9 out of 10 stars from me.


1. As usual, this episode was pretty great in terms of the acting. We see a new side of Mehcad this week when he is jealous of Barry. It’s nice to see him stretch his acting chops a little here even if his character is a little annoying.

2. As expected, Kara and Barry have great chemistry and are so fun to play off each other. The look Kara gives Barry with that head tilt, licking her icecream Barry got her then smiling seems to say, “He’s so cute! Can I keep him?!”

3. The heart and humor of this episode goes to Winn who has grown as a character since he has stopped his pining for Kara. The man seems to have moved on and that’s good.

4. I have been thoroughly enjoying Italia Ricci’s character progression with Siobhan Smythe since it has been building up for several episodes. A wonderful and talented actress who nails it down perfectly. I’ll be sad to her go, she was just a joy to watch.

5. As usual, Calista Flockhart’s Cat Grant easily shines through as one of the best performances. I have been enjoying Cat’s delicate balance of humor mixed in with a dash of compassion and love, along with her snappy quips as the all powerful boss of CatCo.

6. I totally called it. Siobhan did break Livewire out of her prison. \:\)

7. YES! Siobhan’s powers ARE magical in nature! She is suffering from an ancient family curse! I was hoping the showrunners would make Siobhan’s powers magical in nature. \:\)

7. Hmmm. So Kara has Central City in her universe but no S.T.A.R. Labs.

8. Good for Lucy to acknowledge her relationship with Mehcad would never have worked.

9. The Silver Banshee look is AWESOME and a bit scary looking at the same time. This is sooooo much better than her look in Smallville. Two thumbs up.

10. HA! I LOVE that Cat was smart enough to connect the dots and know that Barry Allen is the Flash!

11. I’m betting Maxima is responsible for mind controlling the entire city.

12. The race between Supergirl and the Flash went as expected with no clear winner.


1. I forgot it’s name but that ball thing Non held is from the Supergirl movie. Awesome!


1. How is it Siobhan even made it to the floor Kara works on without security kicking her out? Cat’s security sucks.

2. Sooo, the Flash emerges from a portal and just automatically knows Kara is falling from a building the moment he arrives? Really? Is there some kind of psychic power the Flash has that I don’t know about?

3. Sooo, someone with a camera just happens to look on the CatCo building to take a picture of the Flash saving Kara? Hmmm. Ok. A little convenient if you ask me.

4. The D.E.O. security sucks for Siobhan to be able to break Livewire out of her cell like that.

5. Mechad must be wearing one durable shirt to be able to take a blast of electricity without it suffering any damage.

They should have played up SB havign magical energy source, as that would better exalin how badly can affect kara..

Thought barry would be a better fit for Kara for a love interest ..

And looking forward to seeing sometime in future either kal or kara paying them a return visit!

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