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"Let's do the timewarp again!"

So, Barry is going over the formula he has been working on to boost his speed levels, but he is stuck. Caitlyn shows an analysis that shows that Flash/ZOOM/RF all move their legs at the same speed yet they are faster then Barry because their feet don't stay on the ground as long as Barry's.....(hmmmmmm)

So anyway, Barry finally decides that the only thing to do is something that Wells2 and I both agree is completely stupid. He intends to time warp back to last year/season 1 and learn from REVERSE FLASH how to get faster.

Wells2 warns him not to do it as things WILL change in incalculable ways but Barry insists. Wells2 recuses himself from the plan to seek his daughter. Barry/Caitlyn/Cisco plan it out and set things up for what Barry should and shouldn't do.

However the best laid plans oft go astray and so does this one. AS Barry timewarps to the past he is pursued by a Time Wraith. The wraiths hunt time travelers, particularly speedsters that time travel when they don't know what they are doing, per Wells/RF.

yes that's right, despite Barry's acting, once Wells/RF sees what Barry is working on, he does the math and as a quick test of Barry, Wells/RF acts like he is going to rise from his chair, Barry doesn't flinch....

Barry arrived too early from the time warp due to the Wraith, and knocks out his other self and takes his place to stop Pied Piper. Future Barry sedates past Barry and has Cisco scan Piper's earplugs for explosives. This Piper is disarmed and can't blast free as he originally did. So Barry has now changed things already.

Wells/RF of course does the math, knocks out Barry and takes him to the time vault to have words with him. They argue and Wells/RF realizes his plan fails however Barry tells him that he does get to go home (liar) and that he needs to get faster to stop the singularity that will form and future threats. he does not mention ZOOM but when Wells/RF tells him of the Time Wraith after it attacked the police station, he also let's slip that there are other speedsters, they are not the only 2.

Time Wraith attacks again, and Cisco/Caitlyn hide in Piper's cell (we get a harry potter joke) and Piper uses sonics to drive it off.

Then to make things worse, present-Barry returns and of course there is the usual confusion about who is who, etc. However they settle that, and make plans to stop the time wraith, however there is no time.

Wells/RF gives future-Barry a mini-drive that can plug into the computer dais in the time vault that contains what Barry needs, and Wells/RF tells him that to get faster he needs tachyon/enhancement.

Well, duh! RF was juicing himself on tachyons and that power battery in his chair in Season 1 to be faster then Barry and to sustain his power in Season 1.

Also in last nights episode of Superbore, I mean Supergirl, Barry was wearing a device that looked like the tachyon device from Season 1.

So anyway, the only thing to do is for Barry to return home NOW and the Time Wraith pursues him. It is slowing him down so present-Barry lends an assist and future-Barry enters the time warp with the wraith in hot pursuit. Team Flash will work on anti Wraith measures during the year.

Barry returns to his time apparently a few moments after he left, the Wraith emerges and he is saved by.........THE PIED PIPER!

Turns out Barry's meddling in the past has caused Piper to have a change of heart and join TEAM FLASH!

Caitlyn does mention that Wells/RF was erased from existence and before Barry started to warp back home he does tell past Cisco that Piper knows all about where Ronnie is, thus keeping the past intact regarding FIRESTORM.

A fun episode that once again seriously rams home the fact that time travel is WAY TOO DANGEROUS. By arriving earlier then planned due to the Wraith, Barry nearly screwed up the fight with his past self and Piper until he zips his past self away, removes his ear communicators and sedates him. Then future-barry finishes the fight and captures Piper.

Then Wells/RF gains some future knowledge and thinks his plans fail until Barry lies and tells him he will succeed, he omits the part where Eddie kills himself. The rest of past Team Flash do not learn Wells is RF in this story, so that part of the past doesn't alter. Barry also adjusts things to keep Piper from escaping, thus giving the chance for Piper to be hero and join Team Flash. Caitlyn and Cisco get a bit of future knowledge along with past-Barry as no one on Team Flash knew at this point that Barry can time travel. He also gave Cisco a heads up that Piper knows about Ronnie to ensure that Firestorm will still happen

So the fact that Piper is on Team Flash retroactively yet does not change events that occurred with Firestorm and Wells/RF. I'm wondering if Piper stayed away for the most part for the year until he developed Wraith defenses and then returned to stop the thing. However I'm betting that isn't quite the case.....

....we shall see.

Also future-Barry makes a recording of Eddie for Iris, touching.

Reading this synopsis I am amazed someone would think this was a good idea for a story, any yet it does reinforce the belief that this is a show where anything really does go!
I note the apparent convenient forgetfulness creeps in once more with no one remembering that the reason Reverse-Flash was faster was the technology he had in the wheelchair to super-charge his speed? This sort of plothole is getting to be quite common in the series, where character forget things they should be well aware of in order to further the current plot, Watching 'Escape from Earth-2' last night the story has two or three such moments in it where obvious logic is abandoned to further the plot, and because this is happening so regularly now it has become very difficult to overlook.

I am enjoying the heck out of the second series, but is being perfectly the plotting does feels strained and stretched out compared to series 1.

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