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    Reading this synopsis I am amazed someone would think this was a good idea for a story, any yet it does reinforce the belief that this is a show where anything really does go!
    I note the apparent convenient forgetfulness creeps in once more with no one remembering that the reason Reverse-Flash was faster was the technology he had in the wheelchair to super-charge his speed? This sort of plothole is getting to be quite common in the series, where character forget things they should be well aware of in order to further the current plot, Watching 'Escape from Earth-2' last night the story has two or three such moments in it where obvious logic is abandoned to further the plot, and because this is happening so regularly now it has become very difficult to overlook.

    I am enjoying the heck out of the second series, but is being perfectly the plotting does feels strained and stretched out compared to series 1.

I've come to the conclusion that a lot of episodes revolve around 2 things.

1. Barry's incredibly poor decision making skills. (Getting Joe-2 killed then creeping on Iris-2 while he has Barry-2 imprisoned, going back in time to learn from the time traveling psycho who killed his mother, telling Felicity about Oliver's son which rattled Oliver so much Vandal Savage killed everyone)

2. Barry's inability to learn from his mistakes. (I need to get faster)