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Subj: Re: FLASH Season 2 Ep 18
Posted: Wed Apr 20, 2016 at 01:50:26 pm BST (Viewed 2 times)
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Posted: Wed Apr 20, 2016 at 07:38:22 am BST (Viewed 2 times)

    Well I think Barry does need the tachyon device for the moment so that he can match and exceed ZOOM.  However the device may also cause a permanent boost to Barry so that he can achieve greater feats of speed without it.

    IN the comics and cartoons of yesteryear Barry Allen has been able to traverse time and dimensions on his own so the tachyons may cause a permanent upgrade to his powers.

    Also at the end of this ep I think the tachyon device is still in Barry's costume, so even IF the speed force is gone from him at the moment it could recharge him.

    As to ZOOM's explanations of things.....well it does seem pretty shaky. I suspect even Doctor Who would be shaking his head at what ZOOM had to say about plucking a version of himself from the past and then killing it.

    As to Barry, when he has time warped the first couple of times it was to go back a day to change things so there wouldn't be two Barry's as he was overwriting his past self.  When he timewarped in this season to get help from RF (which was a brave and stupid decision), it was a deliberate attempt to time warp and he meant to keep his past self out of the way and not overwrite him.  We all know how well that plan worked....

    However to take one's past self into the present/future with you, that is a BAD idea all around. The paradox effect cannot be denied and if the past self perishes, then the other version should be negated too. 

    However the version that pretended to be Jay did have evil impulses as he went along with his future self's plan, lied about his Earth 1 counterpart, and even agreed to be murdered by his future self to carry on the plan.

    What has me curious though is how ZOOM's eyes went dark and his voice changed.....he is a sociopath, but is he multiple personalities too or is he possessed? Or is he just over the cuckoo's nest?

    Now here's a question, in all the Earth 2 flashbacks when "Jay" would argue with Wells2 about ZOOM, it was apparently Hunter/ZOOM......so know one knew what Flash of earth 2 looked like and thus Hunter was able to capture and replace Jay as Flash of Earth 2?  Flash of Earth 2 doesn't wear a mask and when standing still he can be photographed so no one has a pic of him on file somewhere thus preventing ZOOM from taking his place? Or is there some face stealing tech involved, hence the iron mask?

I got the vibe there was never a "Jay". Zoom was pretending to be a hero on Earth-2...but the guy we saw on Earth-2 as Flash/Jay in flashbacks was Hunter after he got his powers.

Hunter is the guy from Earth-2. The doppelganger from Earth-1 was also named Hunter. Jay is just an alias Hunter-2 used. There is no Jay.

If there is a real Jay then that makes a total of 4. Hunter-1, Hunter-2 (Flash/Zoom/Jay), time remnant Hunter (Jay) who died, real Jay. Way too messy. 3 is already messy. And it would have to be a Jay/Hunter from another world as the Earth-1 and Earth-2 versions have been accounted for.

The guy in the mask is Eddie. They set us up to think it was the real Jay when there was never a real Jay. Maybe in a later season we'll see a heroic Jay on an Earth-3 but Earth-1 and Earth-2 don't have a Jay.

    Over all, so far the whole thing with ZOOM has been a bit convoluted compared to Season 1 with RF being Wells.  it was pretty much right in everyone's face when Season 1 started that Wells was RF but the characters had to go through the motions to learn about RF.  With ZOOM however it has gone from pretty well written obfuscation to now becoming a train wreck. here's hoping the last episodes tighten up the plot a bit and clear some things up.

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