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Subj: Re: The Flash "Vs. Zoom" Review *SPOILERS*
Posted: Wed Apr 20, 2016 at 01:42:51 pm CDT (Viewed 7 times)
Reply Subj: The Flash "Vs. Zoom" Review *SPOILERS*
Posted: Wed Apr 20, 2016 at 12:22:31 pm CDT (Viewed 414 times)


    Finally, we get the answers are looking for about Zoom. While not every mystery is revealed in this episode, there are plenty of answers given. But before we get to that, we have Barry testing the tachyon enhancer to his chest which enhances his speed. The test is a huge success because Barry annihilates his old speed record. Nothing is mentioned about Barry’s adventures on Supergirl’s Earth but that was to be expected.

    The more I think about it, the more I don’t like Zoom. Why? Because he is essentially the Reverse Flash 2.0. Let’s see:

    1. Dr. Wells acted as a mentor and so did “Jay”.
    2. Dr. Wells was pretending to be someone he is not and so did “Jay”.
    3. Dr. Wells lied about who he was and so did “Jay”.
    4. Dr. Wells trained Barry to get faster and so did “Jay”.

The whole father killing his mother bit was also a little too on the nose.

    So, Zoom is nothing more than a Reverse Flash rip off and it’s pretty much repeating the same villain from last season. I don’t know about you dear reader, but that is all kinds of LAZY writing right there not to mention lacking the ability to come up with something more original. I really hope season 3 will be better than this season. True, some awesome stuff happened but this season has been a repeat of season 1, the only difference is season 2 was put through the blender to make it look more original. But the same basic theme and overall story along with Reverse Flash 2.0 was there.

Yeah in all honesty it does seem like the exact same thing.

Barry gets an evil mentor and gets played...again.

If Joe turns evil next year Barry's going to run out of father figures. Personally I think Henry's off doing coke in vegas and banging hookers. He didn't seem very interested in dad time.

    I kept expecting Team Flash to pull off a double cross. A way to keep Barry's speed and defeat Zoom, at least temporarily. That is how this episode SHOULD have ended. I thought for sure Barry would have Cisco open a breach and Barry speed punches Zoom into Earth-2. But Fake Wally HAD to be kidnapped without Barry even TRYING to have Cisco open a breach and get a rescue going! IDIOT! And then Caitlin gets kidnapped. Now Team Flash have two people to rescue.

They didn't get Wally back? I may have blinked.

    All in all, just an average episode that left me feeling pretty disappointed. Zoom is Reverse Flash 2.0 and this whole season just seems like a re-do of season 1 with plenty of sprinkles of original ideas.

Maybe next year they could avoid the formula of "mystery villain + mysterious father figure - good decision making = passable plot"

    5 out of 10 stars.

    NOTE: Sorry for the short review. I have not been feeling well this week so I didn’t feel up to writing more on this episode.


    1. I really don’t like Hunter Zolomon’s origin in this episode since it’s a far cry from his comic book roots. But since this is Earth-2 Hunter Zolomon, anything can happen in alternate Earths. So for once, I’ll let this alteration of the character’s history slide.

Well it's just too close to what TV Barry's origin already is.

Hunter's father killed his mother. Everyone thought Barry's father killed his mother. That would be like Peter Parker finding out Norman Osborn's uncle got killed by a mugger. I mean do the arch enemies need to have mirrored origins to the heroes?

    2. Barry puts the tachyon enhancer on his chest, the same one he wore in the Supergirl episode. Finally, we have the connection I have been wanting to see.

I was a little disappointed there is no formula or energy ray or something giving him the speed boost. He's relying on tech to get that fast...he's not actually tapping into the speed force via his actual skills or powers.

    3. So, Cisco can open breaches to other Earth’s? Wow. If I could do that, I’d certainly do it with gusto since it would be so awesome to do!

He's learning. So I guess next season will be Cisco sending everyone to wacky alternate worlds.

I want them to follow Gorilla Grodd to a JLApes world.

    4. I’m on Harry’s side. Since we know Zoom is dying, then Barry has no need to go to Earth-2. Eventually, Zoom would die and it’s game over, it’s as simple as that. But nooooo, Barry needs to do things the hard way.

I tend to agree with Harrison on everything. Barry's decision making skills are horrible.

    5. I think it’s becoming very clear that Zoom cannot go to Earth-Prime without a portal. \:\)

    6. Careful Barry, your getting a little cocky being faster than Zoom.

    7. So, I was wrong about the clone thing. The double Jay we saw “die” was a time remnant, a past version of Hunter Zolomon.

How do you talk a time remnant into killing themselves? I mean ok it serves your master plan but what do they get out of it...they're dead.

    8. I think there is more to Zoom than we think. I mean, how does he change his voice and make his eyes go pitch black? And what is with this, “You can’t stop the darkness?” Hmm.

He's succumbed to the dark side of the force.

    9. Now more than ever the man in the Iron Mask had BETTER BE JAY GARRICK! Jay is a hero not a villain.

Not saying you're wrong (because let's be honest this whole plot made zero sense anyways...time remnant agrees to suicide my ass) but to me the way Zoom was talking there is no Jay on Earth-1 or 2. On both of those worlds there's a Hunter Zolomon (they really need to talk to that Earth-1 Hunter). So if there is a Jay Garrick he's from another Earth and then as far as I can tell there would be no point in putting him into the plot just yet.

I'm just thinking Barry's going to meet a heroic Jay next season from Earth-3.

So with what we learned this episode I think the list of suspects in the iron mask narrows to:

1. Eddie Thawne (ugh)
2. Ronnie Raymond
3. Henry Allen

I don't want Eddie back, I think Henry would have worked if they had built up to that but they haven't...I could probably deal with it being Ronnie. Caitlin deserves something.


    1. Wait a minute! WAIT A MINUTE! If Barry put on that device on his chest and just ran fast then WHY on Earth did he need Supergirl to give him a boost?! Barry could have done it himself!

    2. Wait a minute! If Zoom murdered his past self, HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT ZOOM EVEN EXISTS?! Grrrr. These writers really, REALLY, need to write down some time travel rules and stick with them instead of doing whatever they freakin' want.

    3. Barry's an idiot for not pulling off a double cross and so is Zoom for leaving Barry alive.

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