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Subj: Re: Here's a SPOILER FILLED question about the season 3 situation
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At the start of the series, we learned that when Thawne killed Nora, for some reason his powers faded. To get himself back to his own time, he took over Wells' life and caused the reactor accident five years early. This made Barry the Flash five years early, and increased Thawne's chances of getting back to his own time.

This time around, it's still the Thawne that killed Nora. Not a later or earlier version of him. (Barry just took him unconscious out of the house before he could kill her, and locked him up; it was this Thawne that Barry then released.)

Thawne kills Nora, somehow the earlier Barry doesn't stop him, Thawne brings present Barry back to the present, and then takes off.

Why are Thawne's powers still working? Shouldn't they have faded just like they did last time? Since they haven't faded, WHY haven't they faded?

And what about Wells? Did Thawne go back to that night and kill Wells or not? If his powers are fine (and it seems they are), then Thawne had no reason to kill Wells that night. So is Wells alive, or not?

If Wells is NOT alive... WHY isn't he? And if Thawne never took over his life, who played Wells over the time covered by the first season in this new version of the timeline?

Have the writers ROYALLY messed up?

RF should have been erased from history but by doing so everything he did should have been altered as well. What I think is that being a speedster he didn't really get erased because the Speed Force kind of acted as a buffer.

Unless things have changed big time, the Speed Force was originally created when Barry sacrificed himself in the Crisis on Infinite Earths. It then suddenly existed since time itself. Wibbly Wobbly you know.

What we saw at the end of season 1 when Eobard vanished, was him starting to be erased but the Speed Force itself absorbed him into it and thus the reason why nothing really changed like it does when Barry interacts with the past.

Now I posit that the real reason RF didn't start having the memory problems was that the SF merged the one trapped in the speed force into the one Barry stopped from killing Nora.
He now knows that if Barry dies before the Crisis (as mentioned in that newspaper from Season 1) that so will the Speed Force.

This is why he says he wishes he could kill Barry instead of actually doing it since he really doesn't need him to go back and kill Nora again.

Basically the RF is back and while he can't kill him without risking losing his speed again, he can make Barry's life a real pain.

If this hypothesis is even remotely true we might even get to see a Reverse Flash having to reluctantly be the hero every now and then. Eobard will certainly hate that

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