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Subj: Re: Here's a SPOILER FILLED question about the season 3 situation
Posted: Fri Oct 07, 2016 at 08:57:42 pm BST (Viewed 13 times)
Reply Subj: Here's a SPOILER FILLED question about the season 3 situation
Posted: Fri Oct 07, 2016 at 06:27:01 am BST (Viewed 801 times)


    At the start of the series, we learned that when Thawne killed Nora, for some reason his powers faded. To get himself back to his own time, he took over Wells' life and caused the reactor accident five years early. This made Barry the Flash five years early, and increased Thawne's chances of getting back to his own time.

    This time around, it's still the Thawne that killed Nora. Not a later or earlier version of him. (Barry just took him unconscious out of the house before he could kill her, and locked him up; it was this Thawne that Barry then released.)

    Thawne kills Nora, somehow the earlier Barry doesn't stop him, Thawne brings present Barry back to the present, and then takes off.

    Why are Thawne's powers still working? Shouldn't they have faded just like they did last time? Since they haven't faded, WHY haven't they faded?

    And what about Wells? Did Thawne go back to that night and kill Wells or not? If his powers are fine (and it seems they are), then Thawne had no reason to kill Wells that night. So is Wells alive, or not?

    If Wells is NOT alive... WHY isn't he? And if Thawne never took over his life, who played Wells over the time covered by the first season in this new version of the timeline?

    Have the writers ROYALLY messed up?

Yeah let's all admit it. The writers messed up in season 2. Things didn't make sense then (Eddie's death/Reverse Flash) and now things make even less sense.

I think they've made too many mistakes for us to no prize it and construct a logical explanation to explain it all away. You have to sift through like 10 timelines to even construct a theory to explain anything.

So if the difference between this current timeline and the one Reverse Flash averted when he killed Barry's mom is that Eobard never posed as Harrison...then presumably we're going to get to see a tangent of Earth-1 Harrison that never died (but not really I guess). So are we going to see what Harrison would have been like in Future Barry's timeline...I guess they would be almost the same...except Harrison shouldn't meet Barry for another 2 years (and I'm not sure they met then).

So we've got

1. Future Barry's Harrison (never been seen) that presumably meets Barry in 2019
2. Eobard posing as Harrison in 2014
3. Earth-2 Harrison
4. Presumably a Harrison that meets Barry in 2016-2017.

And of course we have the Eobard who never posed as Harry.

Ugh this show.

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