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Subj: Re: Here's a SPOILER FILLED question about the season 3 situation
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      Unless I missed it there's nothing about the Flash TV shows mythology that prevents one from revisiting a moment you've already experienced. Other tv shows may have that rule...but again different shows different rules.

    No rules at all with this show.

    Here's the way it would work.

    Q: Was I in your living room this afternoon talking to you?

    A: No. You have no memory of it. I was never there.

    Now there's nothing to stop me building a time machine at some point in the future and travelling back to your living room this afternoon. Except that you have no memory of it happening. I was never there. If I had been, you would have a memory of it NOW. But you don't.

    So either one of two things is happening. Either a) I never travel back to this afternoon, or b) I travel back, but in doing so create a divergent reality. Those are the only two options.

And I'm going under the assumption B is true as it works best with what the show has shown us so far. Gideon for example still had records of 2024 Barry's timeline despite Reverse Flash killing Nora. That timeline presumably wasn't erased...it's out there somewhere in the multiverse.

With that being the case you can interact with your past/future/alternate selves all you want.


      While I agree this show sucks at sticking to their own rules...I don't think it's fair to assume the time travel rules for another show apply to this show. Like I kind of take issue with your comment "You can't change your own timeline, and can't stay in a divergent reality, unless it's one where no version of you exists." I agree with the first part but there is to my knowledge nothing that says you can't be in the same reality as your counterpart. Barry met Barry 2. Barry's been in the same room as his past selves.

    It couldn't be done on ANY show about time travel.

    You could be in the same reality as your counterpart easily, but you couldn't have the kind of life Barry wants: IE to be part of the Allen family without anyone suspecting anything was out of the ordinary. For a start, there'd be two of you. Your parents might find that a little strange, to say the least. That's why I said 'on that level'. You couldn't create a reality you'd fit into unnoticed unless you were prepared to get rid of your doppleganger.

Ah now I think I get what you meant which I didn't in the first post...there should have been another Barry in the flashpoint timeline? I can concede that point. This show did that annoying thing shows like Fringe did (which is where I think this show steals half their plots from truth be told)...the timeline just readjusts around the time traveler instead of the time traveler having a double that actually went through the experiences of that timeline. Yeah I hate that too. My point was that there is no rules in place that would keep Barry from meeting a double as he's done it before.

Rusty Venture had the right idea when he tried to do it on Venture Bros...bash your doubles brains in and steal his life.

The rules of time travel are nebulous at times.

As to there being a second you after you change the past and return to your time line, that is one theory. The show CONTINUUM used this.

Another is that if you are the cause or at the epicenter of the time change you will be unaffected and retain memories of the other timeline, in this case reference the Back to the Future movies, and Season 2 of the 90's X-men cartoon when Bishop returned to the future to learn the assassination never occurred but there was a plague killing mutants, and Forge asked "What are the X-men?" Which prompted Bishop to immediately go back and stop the plague. He returns and now there never was a plague plus the assassination of Senator Kelly was still stopped.

Also Terminator 2: they wreck Cyberdyne, destroy all plans, blueprints, prototypes and the chip and arm from the first Terminator. The T-1000 is slagged and Ahnold is slagged also. Thus the future was changed as we learned in T3 that they delayed Judgement Day, yet John Connor's memories of any knowledge given to him in T2 or by anything his mother learned from Kyle was still in his memory.

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