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"I need you to kill my mother."

Oh, come on! I can't believe that ever coming out of a hero's mouth. Why did he have to restore the old timeline? It's not like the new one was in any way worse. His parents were both alive, he was with Iris, everyone was happy. Yes, Wally got hurt, but they hadn't even decided if he would recover or not.

So if he wanted to restore the old timeline, why not subdue Reverse Flash, steal his costume, go back and pretend to be him, make it look like he's killing his mom but actually take her out of time and deposit her in the present day? Or something? Any plan other than letting the bad guy win? I could see if he came up with some great plan and then RF outsmarted him and killed Mom anyway. But this is Plan A?

Thawne says "I get to be the hero this time!" How does Barry let that pass without at least socking him in the jaw?

Why wasn't Iris saying "No, Barry, you can't do it! The cost is too high! Even to save my brother!" Instead she just says "are you sure this is the right choice?" "Yeah." "Well okay then."

And then, when they get back to the present, Barry and Thawne are standing there, and Barry doesn't even try to capture him. Just lets him walk away after killing his Mom! I half expected him to say "we should get a beer sometime."

How about when Thawne was in the cage saying "Who's the real villain now, Allen?" Why didn't Barry say "you are. You killed my Mom. I stopped you from doing that and I'm trying to save lives here in the new timeline." It's pretty clear. It's like Superman in BVS. When they say "you brought this war to our world" why doesn't he say "no, Zod brought the war here, and I risked him life to stop him. You're welcome." I really need these villains to shut up already.

It's not the cheesy costumes or wonky science that I can't handle on this show. It's the consistently bad character choices.

Yep, Barry isn't a hero anymore. Not at all.

I mean he has been pudding headed all along, but he managed to "do the right thing," but this time he didn't even try.


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