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Subj: Re: Why did the Flashpoint universe have metahumans at all? Shouldn't it have been the same as the original (i.e. pre-Eobard) timeline?
Posted: Sat Oct 22, 2016 at 08:25:44 pm BST (Viewed 802 times)
Reply Subj: Why did the Flashpoint universe have metahumans at all? Shouldn't it have been the same as the original (i.e. pre-Eobard) timeline?
Posted: Sat Oct 22, 2016 at 07:05:36 pm BST (Viewed 14 times)

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On both Earth-1 and Earth-2, nearly all metahumans got their powers from a particle accelerator explosion at STAR Labs. (There were a few exceptions like Deathbolt, Trajectory, Vandal Savage and the Hawks, and possibly the Earth-3 Flash, but for the most part, metahumans didn't exist before the dark matter wave hit Central City.)

Yet it's doubtful that there was any particle accelerator explosion in the Flashpoint universe. Wally doesn't mention it when describing how he became the Flash, and no one at STAR Labs mentions it. The fact that STAR Labs is still a successful company with dozens of employees would also suggest that the explosion never happened (although that was also the case on Earth-2, strangely enough). So where did all the metahumans come from? They already gave an explanation for Wally, but how did the Rival and Magenta and all the other people Alchemy is re-powering originally get their powers?

Also, shouldn't the timeline where Eobard Thawne was stopped from killing Nora have been nearly identical to the original timeline, where the particle accelerator exploded in 2020? Yet it seems like the Flashpoint timeline is very different from the original timeline: In the original timeline, Harrison Wells still owned STAR Labs, rather than Cisco, and Barry still ended up becoming the Flash, rather than Wally. So what exactly happened here?

An interesting point you make here, and connected to something that has had me puzzled about the series' origins...

I suggest that the key point to bear in mind with this question is that the Reverse-Flash/Harrison Wells we meet in series 1 had altered the timeline by unintentionally killing Barry's mother, he was later revealed to be targeting the young Barry himself rather than his parents. To his surrise this events repercussions immediately broke his connection to the Speedforce, for some reason likely connected to Barry's now interrupted history, and he therefore had to play a long game and wait until Barry grew older. That he has to arrange an 'accident' to restore Barry's powers, and therefore Thawne/Wlls' own link to the speedforce, suggested to me that he had to do it this way as whatever Barry's original origin was was made void by Thawne's murderous assault on Barry and his parents. We learn sometime later in the first deason that Barry and his friends have deduced they are living in an altered timeline, but the point has never been explored, as the Barry that Thawne originally travelled back in time to kill theoretically ceased to exist the moment Thawne killed his mother and altered the timeline.

What the original timeline was like we can only wonder. It would have almost certainly had a much more capable and confident Flash, there must have been villains and threats that came with it, and of course that Flash dissapears in a great crisis some ten or so years from now...

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