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Subj: Re: Why did the Flashpoint universe have metahumans at all? Shouldn't it have been the same as the original (i.e. pre-Eobard) timeline?
Posted: Tue Oct 25, 2016 at 10:01:14 pm BST (Viewed 625 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Why did the Flashpoint universe have metahumans at all? Shouldn't it have been the same as the original (i.e. pre-Eobard) timeline?
Posted: Mon Oct 24, 2016 at 08:55:20 am BST (Viewed 803 times)

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    Barry is part of the Arrowverse and its stated in Legends of Tomorrow that time will try to correct itself. Rip Hunter says that in trying to change history they will be fighting time itself.

Then why does he even bother trying?

I know. This ridiculous notion that time thinks for itself.

'Time wants this to happen'.

'Time will put it right'.

It's the equivalent of saying: I'm going to kick this ladder away from you. But you may stay suspended there because gravity may not want you to fall at this moment.

In reality, gravity doesn't give a monkeys. And neither does spacetime. Why should it? It doesn't think. it doesn't care. It's just a process.

    When RF recreates the explosion time used that moment to correct itself and gave Barry back his speed. Not to mention the Speed Force appears to be sentient and would want to exist completely.

So this Speed Force is so powerful it can take down whole universes on a whim? If so, why not ALL universes where it doesn't exist. Are we to assume that in an infinite multiverse there's no version of reality where Barry either doesn't exist or doesn't get his powers?

In an infinite multiverse, everything will happen an infinite amount of times, including universes where the speed force doesn't exist. So why does the speed force get a hissy fit about this one particular universe? It just doesn't make sense. It's simply poor writing.

I've never been comfortable with the whole idea of the speed force. It just seems to me a catch-all explanation for inconsistencies in storytelling, and one which because it's used inconsistently, kind of defeats it's own purpose. For example...if this is a force that can think, why would it allow a being like Zoom or Reverse-Flash access to itself? Or, how does Barry retain his powers in Supergirl's universe, where Barry doesn't have powers (if he even exists there) and the speed force isn't in operation?

    As the 10th Doctor says, its all timey whimey

I'm with the War Doctor in my dislike of that phrase, I'm afraid.

I'll admit time acts strange in the Arrowverse. I don't think its time thinking in the conventional way we do. Imagine that time is a form of surface which events get mapped onto it. The more major the event, the bigger imprint it leaves on time.

When you change events the minor ones are easy to erase. The bigger events are harder to erase and time will try to restore those events. Hence why even though minor events change when Flash changes history he still encounters the people he did before and history takes on the same basic form it did with the major players still in play even while their stories change slightly.

Why this universe? I tend to view this Barry as the actual Prime universe Barry. He is the original and all other Barrys are just reflections of him. This is the universe where the Speed Force comes into existence and then stretches through time and space so it paradoxically then has been around since the beginning and will be there at the end of the universe.

The Speed Force or perhaps some cosmic entity within it doesn't seem to think in terms of good and evil like we do. The Time Wraiths are said to be the enforcers of the Speed Force. If you misuse the Speed Force too much then one or More Wraiths come to kill/drag you into the Force itself.
I know the Wraiths aren't used like they should be if they are really enforcers but that is supposed to be their intent.

Time Whimey...I like that term. You don't and that's ok. If we all thought alike it would be a very boring world.

I walk in Eternity
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