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Subj: Re: Flash Season 3 ep 6...
Posted: Wed Nov 16, 2016 at 01:56:20 pm EST (Viewed 737 times)
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    Also, I think Dr. Alchemy is Julian.

Yes, that's what it seems like. When they had the SWAT team ready to surprise Dr. Alchemy they mentioned Julian calling in sick. He is definitely suspect #1.


      Caitlin continues to have issues with her powers. She is deathly afraid of turning EVIL! I don't understand why though. Powers have never turned anyone evil.

    I disagree. If you've ever seen Smallville, then you'd know that there were countless meteor freaks of the week who were just ordinary people and then they get powers and started killing people. Perhaps they had questionable personalities before the change, but I wouldn't call them evil. Then they got powers and started misusing them and became evil.

But how often has that happened on "The Flash?" Usually the bad guys were already bad, Weather Wizard, Pied Piper, The Top, Mirror Master, etc.


      Joe finally goes on a date with that the DA, ADA, or whatever she is.

    My memory must be faulty, but I don't remember Joe being interested in anyone or with a build up to a romance in prior episodes. This lady just dropped out of no where.

She's been in another episode, maybe two. There was one episode where Barry and Iris both had to tell him it was okay for him to date again. It was kind of ridiculous because one, they're all adults and two apparently the guy hasn't dated in like 10-15 years.