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Subj: Re: Flash Season 3 ep 6...
Posted: Wed Nov 16, 2016 at 03:36:15 pm EST (Viewed 626 times)
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Well, what everyone predicted is happening as far as Dr. Alchemy and Wally.

Caitlin continues to have issues with her powers. She is deathly afraid of turning EVIL! I don't understand why though. Powers have never turned anyone evil.

I mean yeah Cisco vibed that him and Caitlin are fighting, but there could be an explanation to that like one of them was being mind controlled or something.

They found a work around for HR having a criminal's face, with a face changer machine.

Joe finally goes on a date with that the DA, ADA, or whatever she is.

But it is interrupted by Shade. Another disappointing villain. Did he speak a single line? Don't know why he was attacking. Didn't care about him at all.

Well, Shade is a good analogy for the show itself, which just feels like it's going through the motions, a shadow of its former self.


Caitlyn's powers shouldn't be making her evil unless they are doing something to her brain chemistry similar to how Victor Frieze was affected by his accident.

Season 2 had her state she didn't have the metagene, however it seems Flashpoint may have altered her, just as it changed Diggles kid to a boy. The whole "WHAT IF" factor.....

However she is angry that Cisco outed her secret and is angry at Barry as they think Flashpoint is why she has powers now.

Perhaps that rage will push her over the edge?

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