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Subj: Re: The identity of Dr. Alchemy *Spoilers*
Posted: Wed Nov 23, 2016 at 08:40:15 pm GMT (Viewed 9 times)
Reply Subj: Re: The identity of Dr. Alchemy *Spoilers*
Posted: Wed Nov 23, 2016 at 02:16:25 pm GMT (Viewed 10 times)

    1. I thought this was a great episode...this is the most Caitlin has ever had to do in an episode. She's been in wallflower mode for like 2 seasons.

I just rewatched Sky High and it was funny seeing Danielle as the wallflower again.....until she unleashed her powers again.

    2. I HATE that Julian is Dr. Alchemy. Because I think he's such a well needed character as the guy who gives Barry hell for all the crap he's pulled. This revelation totally undercuts him even though everything he complains about is right on the money.

He'll probably have some split personality/ Savitar is threatening him situation; where he really isn't evil...or some excuse for his behavior. We'll get both a good and bad Julian.

    3. While I didn't agree with Julian about Killer Frost on every thing else I agree with him. Barry's horrible and absolutely should not be allowed to work for the police. Being the Flash AND handling the evidence potentially compromises hundreds of the CCPD's cases.

Umm, doesn't Barry work for the police in the comics? This is one of those suspend belief situations. ANY crook caught by a vigilante should be released. Cases would never stand in a trial.

    Plus as the Flash he just screws up the lives of everyone around him. And Julian's right....Barry does have a skewed moral compass.

Meh, what DC hero doesn't? Surely since he has only been a meta for 3yrs he shouldn't be perfect. He has powers, he wanted to erase the most horrible thing that had happened in his life. I don't know many 'normal' people that haven't felt the same thing. Now, add powers....

    4. Iris's speech...while that was a great supportive girlfriend speech...I think she's just enabling Barry's bad behavior. This s**t really is Barry's fault. Let him own it for a change. Sara Diggle's still been erased and Dante's still dead. He shouldn't be let off the hook until those 2 things are undone.

And when/if he tries to go 'fix the timeline' again she should go after him. But right now, what good will it do to constantly berate him? His friends ( rightly so) are doing that well enough. I think he is owning it. He's trying to deal with that trauma and the new trauma he's inflicted on his friends. However, his family/city still needs the Flash. You want him trying to fight villains with more psychological issues...that's Batman's schtick.

Dante, meh. Baby Sarah, that's some messed up *&^. However, how do you propose it be undone? Seems nobody wants Barry to 'try and fix' things again by altering the timeline. He might make it better; probably make it worse.

I think Diggle and Lyla are just going to have to make another baby.

And I really think Barry needs to move out of Cisco's apartment ASAP!!

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