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Subj: Re: It was horrible!
Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2016 at 01:25:59 pm GMT (Viewed 10 times)
Reply Subj: It was horrible!
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    I was great! \:\)

    Love the brotherhood between Barry and Oliver. They knew each other before Barry got powers, Oliver inspired Barry; Oliver trained Barry...awww...

    I'm not mad at Cisco. Yes he was whiny, but when a loved one dies...your head isn't in the right space. If he can blame someone else and alleviate his own pain...that is human. I just hope he and Barry aren't still roommates!

    Love the the relationship between Caitlyn and Dr. Stein! As someone else said, it is a father/daughter relationship. And now he has a daughter. Will he leave behind the legends and return to his family? Doubtful, but nice to think about.

I hope we see more of their dynamic. I always see Caitlyn as being the daughter-in-law he never had. I kind of wish Stein had a younger platonic female confidant on his own show.

    I completely relate to Iris. My younger brother is WAY over 30yrs old and he thinks I still treat him like a baby. I support him, but I still try to protect him. And yes, when he does something stupid I still punch him in the shoulder or try to slap him in the head (think Cher smacking Nicolas Cage in Moonstruck). That will continue until arthritis sets into my shoulder and I can't raise my hand anymore.

    You all might have to get used to Wally. He may not look anything like the comic book version, but he has all the essence: his heart and the desire to do good. Barry better watch out! HR will probably be a great trainer for WW....his muse. lol

The scenes with HR seemed like the first scenes where Wally really clicked as a character for me. Before he always just kinda seemed there but he never really seemed integrated with team Flash. HR and Wally bonding over being the outsiders of the group might mean Wally has an actual friend. I kind of get the vibe Barry, Cisco and Caitlyn just sort of tolerate Wally and really don't consider him a friend.

    WOW! The hall of justice. I was imagining Affleck and Gadot (NOT that fake Superman) and other members of the JLA showing there. Barry is a founding member. Love HR's idea about the museum.

    Great team-up. Was surprised by the Legends being upset about Barry changing the timeline. They sure as heck aren't Time Masters. As much as they have mucked things up, how dare they scold Barry. Hypocrites!!! I wanted to throw food at Sarah when she yelled at Barry. How has she reacted to Darhk every time she's seen him. HUSH!

Yeah she should have kept her mouth shut. I mean I agree with her that it's all Barry's fault but she isn't much better...she had to be talked down from doing the same thing.

    Liked when Mick called Kara 'skirt' and yet 'Supergirl' when he was in trouble. Reminded me of Homer Simpson calling out for Superman. When the crap hits the fan. all decorum leaves!

    Wonder what it means that Iris wasn't the writer of the Flash Vanishing storyline? And what did Barry do 40 yrs in the future that would affect Hunter? I don't think Flashpoint would have stretched out that far. I think it has more to do with the Reverse Flash messing with things.

As a plot point I thought this newspaper bit was a bit of a cheat. That news article was never our Barry's future. It was the Barry from the original original (yes I said it twice) timeline...the one from the timeline that Eobard erased when he killed Barry's mom....the flash that got his powers several years after our Barry did and never grew up as Iris's foster brother.

    FUN episode, which has been missing for a while. Yes, you have danger, lives are at stake. But there was FUN! Looking forward to Arrow and even Legends ( which I stopped watching after episode 2 this season).

You have missed nothing. Legends is horrible. I kind of wish I could save Sara and Ray and send them back to Arrow and send Stein back to Flash (who needs a Harrison Wells when you have Martin Stein). Like maybe we could dump Felicity and Wally on Legends.

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