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Subj: Re: So did Flashpoint really .........
Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2016 at 01:34:25 pm GMT (Viewed 18 times)
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Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2016 at 06:13:38 am GMT (Viewed 20 times)

    So did Flashpoint really kill Cisco's brother?

    IT seems that way, but Iris gave Barry a pep talk in the episode before the latest Crossover. She points out that Cisco's brother could have died regardless if Flashpoint happened or not.

The thing is...we can be pretty sure Dante wasn't dead before Barry messed with time. I mean season 2 Cisco would have told Barry and Caitlyn if his brother had died.

    Also Barry states HE is the one that restored the timeline but unless his memories have skipped a beat it was REVERSE FLASH that undid Flashpoint.

    RF also made it clear that things were fixed for HIM but that Barry would find out what had changed for Barry.

    The writers need to remember this and focus on it. While Barry and RF messing with the timeline may have caused a few hiccups such as Diggle's kid becoming a son or enabling Wally to gain powers, how much of this is RF's sabotage? He is after all timewarping around in Legends.

I think it is perfectly plausible that Dante's death was arranged by Reverse Flash. I do not think it's plausible that Dante died in the other timeline and Cisco never bothered to mention it. I mean he lives with and works with's going to come up.