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      The thing is...we can be pretty sure Dante wasn't dead before Barry messed with time. I mean season 2 Cisco would have told Barry and Caitlyn if his brother had died.

    Barry was in Flashpoint for three months. If Dante's death happened during that time, then there's no telling whether it would have happened anyway.

1. Do we have any reason to assume Barry was gone from the current timeline for 3 months after he went back and let Reverse Flash kill his mom? I don't remember anything about people saying he had been missing for 3 months.

2. We have no reason to assume Pre-Flashpoint Dante would have died if Barry hadn't messed with the timeline.

3. Sara Diggle still got erased. So we're not dealing with a cosmic course correction where Dante was predestined to die. The universe isn't fixing Barry's mistakes.

How do we know if either Savitar or RF himself actually though messed further with timeline history after barry did the Flashpoint event?