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Subj: Re: FLASH Holiday episode this week
Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2016 at 09:40:57 pm GMT (Viewed 756 times)
Reply Subj: FLASH Holiday episode this week
Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2016 at 06:07:40 pm GMT (Viewed 862 times)

    Okay so everyone is prepping for the holiday, and Wally is still be told to do nothing with his powers so Wells19 is training him.


    Barry needs advice on Savitar so he goes to Earth 3 to speak to Jay and we get an amusing appearance of Trickster being dealt with by Jay with a quick assist from Barry. Nice job giving that version of Trickster a joker-style appearance.

    So Jay knows about Savitar and goes back to Earth 1 with Barry.
    Jay lends an assist and they learn who Alchemy is (Barry's fellow forensic scientist) and that Savitar is a manifestation of the "philosophers stone" and that as long as the stone is contained in its stone jewel case then Savitar can't manifest.

    The stone tricks Cisco with images of his brother but Caitlyn "talks him off the ledge" and Savitar is contained again.

    Jay recommends they dump the stone into the speed force where it SHOULD be lost for good and gives Barry an assist however some feedback from that sends Barry about 5 months into the future where he sees Savitar KILL IRIS

I know he's technically never been to his own future (I think) but it's not like he's never been in the past and returned to the present...thus he was going in the direction of the future...why didn't he think he could future travel? Is there a different method of future time travel than past time travel? Which speed is faster traveling to the past, the future or sideways to earth-2?

    As Barry watches in horror, he is grabbed from behind by Jay and taken back to the present where Barry has an understandable freakout.

I read a fun online theory a while back that Savitar is future Barry. Like the one from Eobard's original timeline. That might be why Jay-3 is stingy with details.

    Jay warns him that this is why speedsters should NOT Time Warp, especially to the future. He also reminds him that the future is always shifting and turning and that what Barry saw may or may not happen and to live in the present.

I didn't really get Jay's reasoning.

Jay: You shouldn't go to the one should know their own future

(later in the same conversation)

Jay: It's probably not your future anyways so stop worrying about it. But like don't go back to the future either.

    Barry gets his job back and of course he unmasked himself to his captive colleague to show trust and that his colleague was under Savitar control as Alchemy, blah blah blah. Seriously at this point Barry needs to go public since he is unmasking so much.

In the silver age comics Barry and Iris are friends with Al Desmond and his wife Rita. Al's like one of the 5 non powered recurring friends Barry's ever had (Charlie Conwell, Frank Curtis, Patty Spivot and Darryl Frye are about all I can think of)

    Episode ends with Barry showing Iris the new apartment he obtained and that it is in both their names....


    Fun episode, great to see Hamil as the Trickster again. They need to have an episode where Trickster of Earth 1 and 3 team up. \:\)

Well they might as well show us Earth-2 Trickster. Maybe that Trickster's a superhero.

    Always nice to see Shipp back on the show and that as Golden Age Flash he is being a mentor to Barry and that he knows things about the Speed Force that he isn't telling Barry.

    The whole Cisco/dead brother thing needs to be resolved for good. Did RF kill him or was it just Flashpoint in general.

Does it though? I don't think they've actually implied RF was involved. It may seem logical to infer that but I think we're just assuming that without the show teasing it.

I mean really it might be a total mindf*ck by Reverse Flash making Barry second guess every choice he and his friends made and RF's not really done anything. Which is worse...screwing with Barry or psyching Barry out and making him think you've screwed him over in some vague unknown way that he can't figure out.

I'm wondering if Flash and Legends are going to crossover near the end of the season. It sounds like Reverse Flash is setting up two different agendas on the shows...wonder if his plans for Barry will affect his plans for the Legends.

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