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    I Barry and Iris never considered themselves as siblings.

Exactly. IMO Barry had a crush on Iris before he moved into her house. Still creepy, but I mean he was 11 yrs old, right on the verge of puberty.

    She was cute. Iris is too. I knew Patty couldn't last but I was hoping their relationship would have gotten serious before she left. I didn't get the vibe they were sleeping together.

This 'ooh babe' Iris is really getting on my nerves. She should be Lois Lane -like ( not just like Lois because I have never liked the character). Iris should have more to do than just support Barry. I think she had more character development when she was with Eddie. She's a journalist, use those skills. Caitlin and Cisco can be the science geeks, Iris can be the info geek. Finding out about the dead scientist on Julian's dig was a good start. Keep at it!

They better not kill her off. What is it with these shows and killing off the 'known' girlfriend. By the way, are all girlfriends in the dc universe that don't run around in costume reporters? Seems like a lot/most are. End tangent.

Oh and Barry and Patty were sleeping together. Remember, when Barry had the nightmare that Zoom would kill everyone he loved, he woke up with Patty in bed with him. Also, when Patty discussed Barry with Iris, she mentioned he was waking up in the middle of the night with nightmares. Patty's seen more action that iris. FOR SHAME!


      Who wants to place bets that Barry will IGNORE this advice and go against all logic and try saving Iris anyway? And as a result of saving Iris and ignoring this piece of advice, he screws up the time line...AGAIN.

      Everyone knows the pattern by now...

    Barry has a problem. Barry gets advice. Barry ignores advice. Barry creates another problem by ignoring the advice. Barry wonders why nothing works out for him.

Just like some real people I know. Stop freaking around with things and you will be okay. Sheesh!

HA! RF had to try so hard to find out Flash's true identity and now it seems everybody knows it...friends/enemies. Something RF did to the timeline? Did Savitar know his identity because of the mind meld with Julian or because they were buddies in the future. That big ol hulk of a man looks nothing like Barry....don't think Savitar is Future Barry. But weirder things have happened.

Wally has his own suit! This should be interesting; Barry as the mature one. I think HR is going to go back to Earth19 and start the Flash comic book series. lol

Love JWS as Jay Garrick. It so fits. I agree, I think he knows a lot more about Savitar than he's letting Barry know. And what about the Barry of Earth3, what's his story? Does Jay have a cousin/nephew named Barry? hmmmm Barry winced a little when Jay mentioned Henry. Ah well to be expected when someone has your dead father's face. The Flashes are on their way to becoming strong friends. ooooh

Aw Cisco. Yup, I think he's going to lose a brain cell and go wacko. Caitlin will probably go all Frost, but not kill. Since KF is joining the Justice League, I don't think they would make her bad. Since we can't have Firehawk (YET), maybe we'll get a 'good' Frost.

Can't wait till January. THEY BETTER NOT KILL IRIS. *ahem*

Maybe they do kill Iris, but Barry brings her back from the 30th century where she was actually born as due to her death in the 21st century she was safe inside the Speed Force and is now a Time Remnant. Or, he'll take Iris from Earth 2 Barry. Or we'll get Iris from another Earth. Nah, JUST DON'T KILL IRIS!!! \:\)

They're going to kill Iris. It may not stick but I think she will be gone for some episodes. There is plenty of precedent in the comics. Reverse Flash kills her in the comics and for years we think she's dead until the last issue of Barry's series where it turns out her biological parents (Eric and Fran Russell) from the future had saved her from death, Barry lives with her in the future for a while, has kids with her (Don and Dawn) and then comes back only to die in the Crisis of Infinite Earths.

While most of that won't happen on the show I can see season 4 having a lot of characters show up from the future like Bart (or his cousin Jenni) and I think this is where the seeds for that will grow. There's going to be a point where Iris seems dead and Barry finds her living in the 30th century IMO.

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