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They're going to kill Iris. It may not stick but I think she will be gone for some episodes. There is plenty of precedent in the comics. Reverse Flash kills her in the comics and for years we think she's dead until the last issue of Barry's series where it turns out her biological parents (Eric and Fran Russell) from the future had saved her from death, Barry lives with her in the future for a while, has kids with her (Don and Dawn) and then comes back only to die in the Crisis of Infinite Earths.

While most of that won't happen on the show I can see season 4 having a lot of characters show up from the future like Bart (or his cousin Jenni) and I think this is where the seeds for that will grow. There's going to be a point where Iris seems dead and Barry finds her living in the 30th century IMO.

I could see them going the 30th century route with Iris, after all we do have that newspaper that says Barry will vanish when the skies go red, which is clearly the Crisis.

The series could end with Barry having a happy reunion and marriage to Iris in the future, and the go back and "perish" in the Crisis.

Or as Jay has said, Barry saw a possible future that may not happen or may yet be averted.

However Barry will need to be careful, for as Anakin found out the hard way in Episode 3, when one seeks to prevent a dark future they may end up CREATING said dark future.