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Subj: Re: Questions about current New 52 Flash comics
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    The strange aspect of it all is that from what I can see neither Batman nor Superman knows what the other knows. So both are keeping quiet on the idea of reality being meddled with, and it may be that due to his ingrained natural suspicion of others Batman keeps his counsel as he does not fully trust this new Superman as yet.
    So thanks to their recent Titans meeting and race Wally now knows that this Superman is his old friend, knows that his Uncle Barry has his memories of the old reality back, knows that Barry is in discussion with Batman over the problem, but by omission has not divulged that fact to Superman.

    I would be tempted to say this awkward arrangement will be a plot-point, but the number of people who either know, or suspect, that reality is not quite what it was has been slowly growing. With the kents on one side and The Flash family on the other there is room for some very plausible bonding between the two clans going forward. It's something that I would rather like to see.

So do you think they'll bring post-crisis back? I hope so.

No, I very much doubt that that is going to happen, all that can be done is to go forward.
It's a strange mish-mash this modern DC Universe, constantly wrestling with its own history it often brings to mind a Jekyll & Hyde split personality, the urge to maintain characters integrity is constantly under siege by the impulse to smash it all to smithereens... the result is a patchwork Frankenstein creation with little chance of making a full recovery before the next assault on its aching frame.

I would like to think DC comics have learned from 'Flashpoint' and the New-52, but the reality is the next rebooting session is an inevitability. Like a plastic surgery addict the company thinks the next one will be the one to make it all better. So just one more...