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Subj: Re: Borrowing Problems from the Future- my take
Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2017 at 08:12:53 pm GMT (Viewed 8 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Borrowing Problems from the Future- my take
Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2017 at 01:54:35 am GMT (Viewed 8 times)

    I actually forgot that it was returning last week.

    1) Barry should be able to teach classes on time travel by now, why is he asking HR anything about time travel.

Barry is so fast that his brain doesn't retain the lessons he's learned.

    2) Who is this woman that HR hired to work at the museum? Won't she notice strange things are occurring?

Dexterina Myles?

    3) Candace Patton is an attractive woman. HOWEVER, why are her clothes getting smaller and smaller? Are they trying to make a case for why Barry is in love with her? And she's just being reduced to supportive girlfriend. NO! She has a job, let's see her at the office occasionally, let's see her break a story first. UGH! I almost wish they'd kill her and replace her with Iris from Earth 2.

I didn't like Iris in most of season 1 (I used to roll my eyes when she talked about her blog..I will never care about the opinion of a self absorbed blogger) but once she actually got into journalism and learned Barry's secret I started to give her a chance. By season 3 I'm liking Iris a lot more. I kind of like the angle they're giving her...she's not crying over the fact that she's going to die...she's horrified that she's going to die and be a nobody. That I can relate to. At this time I don't have any major complaints about Iris. I was afraid she was going to turn the whole impending death thing into a pity party and IMO she hasn't done that and is trying to be productive.

    4) Caitlin has a nice necklace. Hope it works.

    5) Julian as part of Team Flash? meh. I understand it, but I don't particularly like it.

I love having him around. He's there to poop on their bad ideas and he does it with science. And these people have a lot of bad ideas. He's the voice that should have been there to tell them their ideas were dumb all along. Seriously how often do we complain about how stupid Team Flash's ideas are and then their plans blow up in their faces? Everyone else is so optimistic and down right naive about each other. Julian cuts through the crap and tells people the truth. I think the rest of the group has gotten so chummy they tell each other what they want to hear rather than being real with each other. He's a ray of darkness through all the annoying sunshine.

Heck they need to import him over to Legends and Arrow so he can poo poo all their dumb ideas too. Julian is a godsend for the Arrowverse IMO.

    6) Cisco as a tour guide. I like it Works with his personality.

    7) Kid Flash. Hmmm. Something is off there. I like the Wally character. Kid Flash should be more knowledgable about how his speed powers work. He seems to have taken the idea that just because he is almost as fast as Barry he knows everything Barry does. Young whippersnapper! lol

One thing they're implying is that he's progressing quicker than Barry. He may not be at Barry's power level yet but he's getting there quicker than Barry did.

    8) Eagerly waiting to see how Gypsy plays in the plot. I like the actress.

I figure she's one of those guest stars we never see again. I love Flash but a lot of the villains seem like drive by villains who make one good appearance and we rarely see them again.

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