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Subj: Re: Flash Ep "Untouchable"
Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2017 at 03:26:36 pm GMT (Viewed 782 times)
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Wow, a Flash episode that got everything right.

After being so disappointed with Supergirl this week I was starting to think the Arrowverse was a lost cause. But I have no complaints about this episode of the Flash.

I mean it wasn't noteworthy or anything, just a fun entertaining episode that had some emotion and good characterization.

What did others think?


I agree that it was an enjoyable episode.

I do not think Wally will ever be as "good" at being a speedster as Barry. Barry's background in science consistently helps him learn new ways to use the speed(force). Maybe Wally's education in engineering will provide him with additional options to use his speed in different ways.

Looking forward to next weeks episode with Jesse Quick and Earth 2 Wells (Wells 2). I know HR is annoying but I like the contrast (idea guy v scientists) he brings to the team. I can't imagine Wells 2 will like him. I do think Wells 2 and Julian would get along very well.

I do like the budding romance between Caitlyn and Julian. She is so sexy when she goes "Killer Frost."