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    Well V9 is off the board as they know how bad it is.

    But the tachyon device is not. Barry was boosted by it and if he had it he could stop Savitar.

Could he though? Savitar seems quite different to Reverse-Flash and Zoom, more a part of the Speed-force, not even flesh and blood. If he is of the Speed-Force he could be able to draw on its power at will to meet any requirement, meaning the tachyon boost as seen last season would be futile as a tactic as by definition he will always be able to outrace any flesh and blood speedster due to being of the Speed-Force they themselves tap into...

I have the sense that when the finale comes it won't be any test of speed that will see Barry and friends defeat him, it will be tactics and knowledge.

I think Jay G knows about Savitar than he is telling team Flash.  He will be a bigger player in the season and I think his knowledge of Savitar and how he/it was defeated before will enable team Flash to be victorius.I must have missed the announcement that the new Flash episode will be next week.  Last night, I was REALLY looking forward to seeing Gorilla City, Jesse Quick and Wells 2. Oh well . . .