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1. Team Flash is happy that Barry/Iris are engaged, even Joe despite the fact that Barry didn't seek his blessing first.

2. Caitlin and Julian seem to be developing feelings

3. Wally has images of Savitar in his head and tells the team.

4. They plug Julian in to channel Savitar to speak to him.

5. Wally has Cisco vibe him to the future to see what happens and he notes that Iris wasn't wearing her engagement ring

6. Wally challenges Barry about the lack of the ring and Barry confesses that he hoped that the proposal would help change things. This explains the lack of seeking Joe's blessing and Iris is not thrilled.

7. Caitlin reveals she has a piece of the philosopher stone in the hope she can purge herself of Killer Frost, Julian is not pleased.

8. They learn that Th Flash in the future imprisons Savitar hence why he hates the Flash.

9. Wally has a vision of his mother....only he can see her. She tells him he will not be fast enough, Jesse is concerned and the image of his mother turns into Savitar

10. They learn that Savitar is trapped in the Speed Force, and that the philosopher stone they hurled into the Speed Force is part of the key to release him.

11. Wally takes the piece of the stone and attempts to hurl it into the speed force, but Savitar again plays with his head.

12. Wally opens a portal to the Speed Force and hurls the stone into it but gets sucked into the Speed Force leaving behind only a piece of his costume.

13. Savitar then escapes. Wally has taken Savitar's place in the Speed Force.

14. Savitar reveals that Flashpoint gave him the idea to make Wally into Kid Flash.

15. Flash vs. Savitar: he does somewhat well until Savitar skewers his shoulder and breaks his clavicle. He gets back to Star Labs for surgery and Savitar makes it clear that Barry is going to live long enough to see Iris die.

16. We see that Iris has removed the ring.

17. barry concludes that it his own fears that have caused the whole situation.

This was the things fall apart ep. All of the major characters are at a low point.

I thought it was a really good episode.

Julian and Caitlin's young romance takes a hit when Julian wonders if he was brought on the team just because Caitlin is obsessed with curing her powers and it takes another hit when Caitlin admits she kept a piece of the philosopher's stone.

But it turns out it was a good thing she did that because the stone was thrown in the speed force and that is where future Barry put Savitar too. Whoops!

Unfortunately no one tells Wally that quick enough because they were afraid Savitar was listening through him so Savitar tricks him into throwing the Stone into the speedforce which frees Savitar and traps Wally... Wally is being tortured for an eternity. Awful to think about.

Meanwhile Barry proposed to Iris but Iris feels it was tainted because he only did it to try and change history because she wasn't wearing a ring in future vision.

How are they gonna get out of this one?


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