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Subj: Re: FLASH March 14th
Posted: Thu Mar 16, 2017 at 06:05:25 pm GMT (Viewed 481 times)
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I just didn't get this episode at all. It was "A Christmas Carol" in the speedforce. Barry met 3 ghosts that were supposed to teach him lessons, but I don't know that they really did, and if they did it seems like Barry learned the wrong lessons.

What did he learn from Eddie? - Nothing, he just ran faster than the demon thing and got to the elevator.

What did he learn from Ronnie?- Self sacrifice. He used the chest logo thing to kill demon Zoom knowing it would trap him (and Wally) forever. Not really a smart lesson to learn since it doesn't actually help either of them if they are both stuck in the speedforce.

What did he learn from Snart?- Nothing because Jay comes in a saves the day. Jay displays the same lesson Barry had already learned self sacrifice.

He does decide it should be him that faces Savitar and not Wally, but that doesn't feel like a lesson he learned, just something he decided he needed to do.

So Jay is another in a long line of people that sacrifice themselves because they believe in Barry even though he seems to be an idiot who makes the same mistakes over and over again and just gets s$it lucky because people keep dying for him.

Then the "wiser" Barry comes out of the speedforce and immediately shows that he learned the wrong lesson. Iris forgives him for being a jerk and tainting their engagement and he dumps her for no apparent reason.

Meanwhile Jessie takes on Savitar and realizes he has a weakness, but then when her boyfriend is back home, she runs away to another dimension I guess because she knows no one takes her seriously on Earth 1? Or because she runs from her problems? or because...why do I even try to understand this dumba$$ show?


I think it was like this:

1. Eddie was getting Barry to face the fact that he screwed up royally with Flashpoint and that he had lied to the SF about accepting his mother's death. Well he had accepted it until his father was killed by ZOOM then Barry's grief sent him off the rails.

Eddie was also getting Barry to admit the whole truth about why he entered the SF, and it was to get Wally.

2. Ronnie: okay he learned or was reminded about self sacrifice an destroyed his emblem and homing device.

3. Snart: he was basically getting Barry to man up and realize that THE FLASH is who beats Savitar, not Kid Flash and that Barry cannot toss his problems onto others. Also the Snart about to blast Jay scene was a similar scene to Barry trying to move fast enough to save Iris from Savitar. Barry saves Jay and now hopefully realizes that the power to stop Savitar is truly within him.

SO the lessons Barry could be said to have learned:

1. Honesty, both with himself and others.

2. Self Sacrifice, sometimes the hero has to made the hard choices and the ultimate sacrifice.

3. Take responsibility and man up rather then toss your problems onto others.

As to dumping Iris....well that wasn't a smart move but we know it won't last.

Jesse: okay she learns that Savitar is not a god and all the others now know that he is just a person, who I think is a future-corrupted Barry, but she states she goes to Earth 3 to cover things there while Jay is trapped in the Speed Force. I'm more surprised that Wally didn't go with her.

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