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    1. Eddie was getting Barry to face the fact that he screwed up royally with Flashpoint and that he had lied to the SF about accepting his mother's death. Well he had accepted it until his father was killed by ZOOM then Barry's grief sent him off the rails.

How many years did Barry know that the 'impossible' killed his mom? 12 yrs? Then you get powers that dramatically change your life and within the SAME YEAR confront the 'impossible' that killed your mom. Then add the cherry on top that the 'impossible' is living in the body of one of your heroes?

Yeah, all that emotional and psychological crap is going to fixed in ONE therapy session.

Oh, then your father is murdered before your eyes by someone else you once thought of as a friend.

I'm surprised the ONLY thing Barry did was Flashpoint. He is still trying to be a hero ( not the best), still has mostly healthy relationships with other people, still has hope in a better world ( not like Oliver's darkness); and still inspiring other people. Good on you Barry.

    Also the Snart about to blast Jay scene was a similar scene to Barry trying to move fast enough to save Iris from Savitar. Barry saves Jay and now hopefully realizes that the power to stop Savitar is truly within him.

Hopefully, he'll catch a clue about his speed being enough sooner rather than later. But again, I don't expect all these lessons to 'stick' in his head this time around either. He will need to be reminded again. Most people do. Kinda of a basic human trait.

I really think the 'mind freak' that Eobard did on Barry is not so easily erased. How many years earlier did Barry become the Flash than in the original timeline? Do you really see this Barry becoming Director of the CSI? Not anytime soon. Does anyone imagine this Barry as the person that created Gideon? I don't.

I liked it best when HR says the Speed Force is kind of a dick. I think it's really trying to course correct this Barry to who he was before his mother was killed. Maybe if I show him this/maybe if I show him that he will understand what it means to be the FLASH. I want to know the relationship between the Flash and the Speed Force. I know it said it was there at the beginning of time and blah blah, but I wonder if Barry somehow created it? Maybe Season 4.

    Jesse: okay she learns that Savitar is not a god and all the others now know that he is just a person, who I think is a future-corrupted Barry, but she states she goes to Earth 3 to cover things there while Jay is trapped in the Speed Force. I'm more surprised that Wally didn't go with her.

I didn't think he would go. 1) He just went through the trauma of losing his mother. He's not going to want to leave his father's side; especially since he only recently found him. 2) Iris's possible impending death. Again, he doesn't want to go through a repeat of losing a family member so will do what he can to help. 3) Too traumatized from his recent ordeal and really wouldn't want to see Jesse revel in her powers while he sits on the sideline. My 2 cents.