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    What exactly are the Time Remnants again? I thought the way they explained it when Barry fought Zoom was that the Barry from the future came back so there were 2 Barrys at the same time. Presumably, when the fight is won, the first Barry goes back in time becoming the second while the second Barry continues on into the future. There should be no leftover Barrys, there isn't really a "second" Barry they are both the same guy who just overlaps his timeline a little. So how can Savitar be a leftover remnant whose motivation is that Team Flash gave him the cold shoulder after the fight was over because he wasn't the "real" Flash? Where would a Time Remnant go? Wouldn't he just be reabsorbed into Barry if nothing else? Or is it more like Bart/Impulse in the comics when he developed the ability to create energy duplicates of himself that had nothing to do with time travel (as far as we knew), his "scouts?"

A time Remnant is a past version of Barry, at least that's how I understand it. As evidence of this, Zoom created a time remnant who had no powers. Apparently, he went back in time and snatched a version of himself before he got his superspeed. That version died. How Zoom didn't die in turn, I'll never understand.

The whole Time Remnant crap makes no sense at all.

    Okay, anyway ... so when Barry loses his memory, so does Savitar, so they have changed time. It even erases everything he's done like give Wally powers. Shouldn't he basically cease to exist then? If everything he did in the future is erased then he never will kill Iris, so there is no reason for Flash to fight him, or create Remnants, and therefore Savitar should never be created in the first place. I just think it makes no damn sense.

You said it. It makes no sense. Logically, Savitar SHOULD have faded from existence. That would mean Barry would never be able to regain his memories, otherwise Savitar would be born again.

But this show rarely, if ever, follows logic. The moment time travel was introduced into this show, the moment things started going downhill because, logically speaking, if Eddie killed himself then a whole host of things should have happened: The real Dr. Wells should be alive, Star Labs shouldn't have any outside damage to it, Barry shouldn't have powers, Nora Allen should still be alive (along with Henry), etc, etc.

But things didn't happen that way because the showrunners don't bother with logic. And that's one of the reasons why this show is going down the drain. It's losing more credibility by the episode. Frankly, I'm surprised this show hasn't been cancelled yet. How many more glaring mistakes can the showrunners get away with before the general audience finally catches on and leaves this show for another in droves? \(no\)

    At least we see Killer Frost warming up a little bit.

Indeed. I love this storyline for the character so far. The actress must be having fun with it. \:\-\)

    I agree with Iris though, I prefer fun Barry over brooding Barry.

Me too. But, in a way, I'm glad he has his memories back. He'd just end up repeating all his stupid mistakes again if he never regained his memories.

    I just feel sorry for HR if the only Star Trek he had on his Earth was Voyager.


The problem is that time travel has been part of the show since the first episode when we saw that it was RF that killed his mother.

Eddie killing himself to erase RF did work, except that temporal storm/singularity that formed and started to wreck things. \:\)

Time remnants of RF did make sense at first as the ripple affect of his erasure wouldn't touch him while he was in the speed force, but to avoid an even messier paradox there must be a version of him that still goes back to kill Nora and start the whole process.

Frankly I doubt that Rip Hunter and the Time Masters could really sort this mess out. Then again perhaps they did stabilize the paradox effects that should have happened, who knows?

Then comes Flashpoint and how things were put back together by RF yet things aren't quite as they were. Caitlyn who stated she didn't have meta genes in season 2 is now Killer Frost, Cisco's brother is dead, Julian exists, Joe and Iris had an argument and were estranged for awhile.

Also in Legends when RF had the spear he locked up Black Flash/Death which is all swell and great, but why didn't he also restore Eddie to life, thus negating his erasure? Logic error on the part of the writers, RF wants to warp reality to stay alive but doesn't seem to restore Eddie???

Now we have this endless moebius strip regarding Barry and Savitar. Savitar's creation will happen with a future time remnant that will end up going to the past to start the legend of Savitar, but will end up locked in the speed force in the future, he knows it is coming but still can't avoid and must kill Iris to send his past self into despair and thus onto the path of becoming Savitar to start the cycle all over again, and again, and again.

Babylon 5 did a far better job with time travel, its consequences, and how history had to be fulfilled and maintained regarding Commander Sinclair.

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