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    The problem is that time travel has been part of the show since the first episode when we saw that it was RF that killed his mother.

    Eddie killing himself to erase RF did work, except that temporal storm/singularity that formed and started to wreck things. \:\)

    Time remnants of RF did make sense at first as the ripple affect of his erasure wouldn't touch him while he was in the speed force, but to avoid an even messier paradox there must be a version of him that still goes back to kill Nora and start the whole process.

    Frankly I doubt that Rip Hunter and the Time Masters could really sort this mess out. Then again perhaps they did stabilize the paradox effects that should have happened, who knows?

    Then comes Flashpoint and how things were put back together by RF yet things aren't quite as they were. Caitlyn who stated she didn't have meta genes in season 2 is now Killer Frost, Cisco's brother is dead, Julian exists, Joe and Iris had an argument and were estranged for awhile.

    Also in Legends when RF had the spear he locked up Black Flash/Death which is all swell and great, but why didn't he also restore Eddie to life, thus negating his erasure? Logic error on the part of the writers, RF wants to warp reality to stay alive but doesn't seem to restore Eddie???

    Now we have this endless moebius strip regarding Barry and Savitar. Savitar's creation will happen with a future time remnant that will end up going to the past to start the legend of Savitar, but will end up locked in the speed force in the future, he knows it is coming but still can't avoid and must kill Iris to send his past self into despair and thus onto the path of becoming Savitar to start the cycle all over again, and again, and again.

    Babylon 5 did a far better job with time travel, its consequences, and how history had to be fulfilled and maintained regarding Commander Sinclair.

Every show that does time travel needs to come up with a set of rules that lays out how it works in their franchise.

Like on Lost if you time traveled to the past then you were what made the present what it was...there was no changing the caused the future. One guy goes back in time and gets murdered by his pregnant mother and she goes through life knowing what eventually happens to her poor schmuck of a kid.

Flash seems to make stuff up as it goes along.

Personally I think time travel should be used very sparingly on a tv show. I wasn't much of a Babylon 5 fan but from what I remember it only really mattered once...when Sinclair went back in time and became Valen.

Even Doctor Who has some time travel rules.

In Babylon 5 Time Travel was used in the following:

1. Season 1 when Babylon 4 briefly appeared.

2. Season 3 2 part story that wrapped the Babylon 4 plot arc, along with Sinclair and his destiny and how his life is an endless Möbius strip that he has come to accept, knowing that he cannot break the circle and change things. Why? Simple, we got a glimpse in season 1 and in the season 3 two partner of a dark future that would come to pass if Sinclair did not fulfill his destiny with Babylon 4.

3. Sheridan being "unstuck" and bouncing through time felt like an after thought to keep his character out of the way so that the story would focus on Sinclair. Sheridan however did get a glimpse of the future and that they did win the war, but Centauri Prime was wrecked. Future Delennn tells him to not go to the shadow home world, but this inspires him TO GO THERE, which in turn gave Sheridan what he needed to bring the war to an end, but of course he paid a terrible price.

Now that was good time travel writing, unlike most of the Star Trek TV episodes about time travel, and some of the writing for this Flash TV series.

In fact the 90's Flash TV series had one episode with time travel, Barry got to see a future where the city was wrecked because he stopped being the Flash. He gets back to the past and changes things thus that future is negated. Now Barry in this series had a similar experience in 2024 but he has yet to figure out how to change things.

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