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Subj: Re: CBR gives list of Flash/Arrowverse characters that need to perish
Posted: Wed May 31, 2017 at 05:13:15 pm BST (Viewed 1017 times)
Reply Subj: CBR gives list of Flash/Arrowverse characters that need to perish
Posted: Wed May 31, 2017 at 01:43:43 pm BST (Viewed 15 times)

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CBR's list is bunk.

15. Disagree. Too good of a character to just throw away.

14: Couldn't care less about Citizen Steel since I don't even watch Legends.

13: AGREED on this one. Hate the character.

12. Nah, just rework the character a bit and add some depth. That's all he needs.

11. AGREED! WHY does Oliver need so many sidekicks?! Kill him off, along with two or three of the others. This includes FAKE Terrific.

10. Disagree. Too good of a character. Then again, I haven't been watching Arrow since last season and for good reason.

9. AGREED! Couldn't agree more.

8. AGREED! Bring back the REAL Laurel Lance and marry her to Oliver.

7. Disagree. Too good of a character to kill off, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did it sometime down the line.

6. Disagree. Caitlin as Killer Frost is still new. Too new to just throw away. The writers have the opportunity to continue to explore this in any number of ways. I say give them a chance to do that.

5. Agreed. Maggie isn't needed or wanted. Alex can do pretty much what Maggie can do. The character really isn't needed at all.

4. AGREED! J'onn hasn't been represented well on the small screen. His powers are always being dumbed down. Plus, there is the fact that J'onn can do everything Supergirl can do to bring in the bad guys, which means Supergirl isn't even needed. But she's there and J'onn isn't allowed to be as powerful as he's supposed to be with her presence.

The character doesn't need to be killed off, though. That's a little extreme. But he does need to be reduced to a recurring role to once or twice a season.

3. STRONGLY DISAGREE! What in the WORLD is Diggle doing on this list?! He is the heart and soul of Team Arrow. Take him out, Team Arrow loses that essential element.

2. Disagree. Too good of a character.

1. Did I say this was a bunk list? I did say that. I take it back. The fact that Felicity is #1 on this list gets my stamp of approval. I whole heartedly agree that the showrunners need to KILL OFF Felicity. Nothing would hurt Oliver more and he will be able to finally move on without her. Especially if the showrunners come to their senses and bring Laurel back and marry her to Oliver by series end.

And now I will add my own to this list.

16. Wally West. Seriously, he adds nothing special to the show. He needs to go. I don't care how it's done. Death or he simply packs his bags and leaves. Either way, I want him gone.

17. Iris West. Dating, and marrying, the kid you grew up with who might as well be your adopted sister is just a little gross and creepy Barry. For this reason, I'd kill her off and bring back Patty Spivot. She was much better than Iris and way better chemistry.

It's interesting that a hero/villain performs one amazing feat, or use a power they haven't used for 20+ years, and that automatically propels them to a high status despite scans and evidence to the contrary. I don't know what is worse, selective feat picking that has only been done once or twice 20, or more, years ago or ignoring evidence from scans or the lack thereof. We need to stop putting our favorite heroes/villains on pedestals and start putting them where they really belong. But it's evident that people never will because they would rather accuse others of cherry picking feats, when they don't, and being 'morally superior' when they aren't. I guess being honest and as fair as possible only opens one up to being the target of childish accusations and fault finding by those who insist on acting petty and childish. What happened to a good debate between two civil, mature, adults?
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