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Subj: Re: Season 4 has begun
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having some trouble feeling my old excitement for any of this stuff anymore.

Might be time for me to.....reevaluate.

Anyway, Team Flash has spent the past 6 months stumbling around trying to handle things without Barry.

Iris is in charge and refuses to try to get Barry back. Cisco disagrees and he has been working with Wells2, Felicity and others to get Barry back. He goes to get Caitlin who is working in a bar and is somehow NOT Killer Frost any longer, at least at the moment. She dodges the question about what she did to be Caitlin again.

A super powered samurai appears and easily defeats Vibe and Kid Flash and gives 24 hours to bring him the Flash.

Barry is taken from the speed force but his brain is a bit short circuited from his time in the speed force.

Efforts to snap him out of it fail until Iris lets herself be taken hostage to help Barry wake up. As soon as Joe tells him that Iris is going to die, Barry powers up, grabs the new Flash suit that Cisco made and takes off. Everyone at STAR is tracking his speed, he is faster then ever now, wally comments that he himself never went that fast.

Flash saves Iris and beats the Samurai who turns out to be a sophisticated robot. Barry's brain appears to have rebooted finally and Caitlin comments that Barry is healthier then ever even for him.

Barry states he feels like he was reborn. Wally comments that Barry is now the fastest speedster ever.

Barry was writing gibberish that translates into "This House is bitchin". Nobody knows what it means and Barry doesn't remember writing any of that stuff or what it means.

Many humorous pop culture references, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Stan Lee, and more.

We learn at the end that Caitlyn is still Killer Frost and that she can change back and forth, but some schizophrenia may be part of her now. Also nice paraphrase from the Hulk "Dont make Frosty, you wouldn't like me when I'm frosty"

Also earlier when Barry was flashing around the lab out of control, he gets decked with a cold blast and Caitlyn emerges from a room with a cold gun in her hands and says "You were expecting someone else?"

We see the supervillain of the season at the end, and the whole samurai attack was to get The Flash back as part of some overall plan.

articles on CBR indicate that while in the SF, Barry was living his entire life from beginning to end, ad nauseum. Thus explaining his confusion when he was freed, and that he may have some foreknowledge of things to come.

Another article indicates Barry gets a new power this season......I suspect that he will finally learn how to travel both in time and also to alternate Earth's on his own without the speed tunnel/cosmic treadmill, or a tachyon booster or Cisco.

I'm gonna disagree here and say that I enjoyed the episode.

I wasn't sure if I was going to watch the Arrowverse shows anymore because I've been disappointed with them, but overall I liked this episode. And if they stay enjoyable like this I'll keep watching.

I liked that Barry was gone for a while and everyone had to find a way to deal with it and all the characters had some character development because of it.

I do have some nitpicks though

Are we supposed to think that Iris came into her own and became a great leader while Barry was gone? Or are we supposed to think that she bossed everyone around and they were too polite to stop her?

Joe's girlfriend thinks he's going to get rid of his record collection to make room in the house? Is she an alien impersonator? How could she date Joe and not understand that? If my wife had said that about my comics or sci-fi novels when we'd moved in together, I probably wouldn't have married her.

Iris lets herself be captured because she believes it will suddenly make Barry better and it worked. That was some dumb s$it. If it had been a lie to snap him out of it that's one thing, but what if it hadn't worked? She had no plan B.

So glad Caitin has an honest to God plotline this year. She didn't have a life outside of Star Labs for far too long.

Will Barry really be any different? It is convenient that he FEELS like he has received a clean slate, but is that really helpful. To me he gets a clean slate if he proves he has learned something from all his previous mistakes and won't make those mistakes again.

Where is Harrison Wells? Any Harrison Wells?


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