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    Barry's time/dimension travel power has worked with assistance of tachyon boosters or RF or Kid Flash or Supergirl giving him a speed boost to open the rift.

Oh? So, he used tachyon boosters or got a boost in speed when he decided to go back in time to save his Mom, accidentally creating "Flashpoint"? I didn't see any tech assist or boost in that episode.

And when he first discovered time travel, he was also not boosted by tech.

Then he did it again when he saved Central City from a tidal wave.

Then he time travelled again, without assistance, during a crossover with Arrow when they fought Vandal Savage. Again, no tech assist. No Boost.

Granted, all the above situations were "special" circumstances, but not when Barry went back in time to save his Mom. That was all him. Oh, and that time he went back in time to get Captain Cold to do a mission last season. That was all him too.

Now, opening portals to other dimensions? That's something he has to have help with. Even then, it's stil a power he possesses on his own. He just needs to develop it so he can do it without assistance.

    Now he is charged up after being in the SF for 6 months so his powers are likely at their peak. Now he just needs to learn to use them.

It's likely going to be stealing speed from moving objects kind of thing. That would be a new power.

When he first discovered time travel that was when he saved the city from the tidal wave. Earlier he saw an after image of himself and was puzzled, then the city is about to be destroyed and Barry's fear at what was coming, his eagerness to stop it and hsi adrenaline all combined to help him overcome the subconscious limiting of his powers and he cracked the time barrier for the first time.

However after that he wasn't really able to on his own until the second time when Vandal Savage basically blows up the world and everyone is dying. Once again, massive catastrophe is occurring, Barry's fear and adrenaline again combine to override any subconscious limiters on his power and he breaks the time barrier again.

When Barry goes back at the end of Season 1 to try to save his mom, that wouldn't have happened without RF making the particle accelerator into a form of the cosmic treadmill, and coaching Barry and calculating how fast he has to go, etc. The portal is left open for Barry to return and RF to go home.

By the end of season 2, Barry's mind was more open to his powers and he was able to match and exceed Zoom so yes NOW he can time warp on his own and thus goes back and created Flashpoint. However because of the time changes he needed RF to go back and set things back and bring Barry back to the present.

Barry decides to go to the future to learn how to stop Savitar, as I recall KF had to give Barry a speed boost, and didn't Barry need a small assist to get back?

Barry getting Captain Cold to help was after his future trip and he now seems able to time warp without external help.

Portal to another dimension: he did that with the tachyon device and went to Supergirl's Earth. However the device wasn't working there and he needed her to give him the extra boost to reopen the portal. Plus we got a Flash/Supergirl race.

perhaps stealing speed from other objects would be a good power. Instead of dodging bullets, he won't have to as he can drain their speed and stop them.

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