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    But by breaking the time barrier and warping dimensions in earlier stories he already had broken that speed limit.

Light travels at over 282,000 miles every second. If Barry couldn't cover what, 50 feet of ground in time to stop Savitar from killing H.R., then he can't move anywhere near the speed of light. Heck, if he couldn't move fast enough to avoid taking hits from Solivar...

There's lots of evidence in the show to show that he can't travel even close to the speed of light. Until now.

There's also lots of evidence that his powers are more than just being able to go very fast: He doesn't generate friction. He doesn't create sonic booms. When he runs along a street fast enough to gain the momentum needed to run up the side of a skyscraper, making that sharp right angle turn at the base of the building should kill him - literally pulp him. Any sharp cornering at super speed should kill him. When he moves at super speed and grabs someone without slowing down, the rapid acceleration should kill them. The effect on the human body would be akin to slamming into a brick wall at whatever speed Flash is travelling at. The trauma would be immediate and lethal.

Even travelling fast enough to keep up with a lightning bolt is physically impossible for anything with mass. The faster you travel, the more your mass increases. As you approach the speed of light your mass increases exponentially. At near light speed, you're so massive that there's not enough energy in the universe to be able to accelerate that mass any more. You can never actually reach the speed of light.

So if Barry can move fast enough to overtake a lightning bolt, what's happening to his mass? What's negating it or, where's it going?

Plus, there's all sorts of other relativistic effects to consider. Barry shouldn't be able to see at near light speed. The light waves don't have time to reach his retinas. Light would dilate into a small circle in front of him, massively blue-shifted, and even people and objects he'd already passed would be there at the edges of the circle, massively distorted and red-shifted. stuff that's behind him appears to be in front of him.

But none of that happens. Barry seems to break every law of physics when he speeds. So there's something more at work here than just being able to go very fast. Maybe some function of the speed force. And I think it's this (or these) unknown function(s) that have allowed Barry to time travel and dimension hop without getting anywhere near light speed in the past.

    Have to admit, with his power increase after marinating in the speed force for 6 months, I'd love for RF to be brought back for a rematch.

Then you're going to be a very happy puppy. Take a look at the photos in the link. \:\)

In the latest episode Barry picks the fragments of an exploding grenade out of the air. Which is impossible.

Changing their trajectory would be fine, but he doesn't do that. He just stops them. Now, when Barry slows to normal speed every one of those fragments are still going to have the same kinetic energy they had when he plucked them out of the air. They'd rip through his hands and body like bullets. But they didn't.

So what's happened to all that kinetic energy? Did Barry somehow absorb it?

Maybe that's his new power?

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