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Cecile is now a telepath, reasons not fully clear.

Barry learns how Big Sir got in jail, and he asks Team Flash to check into the case as Big Sir was convicted on flimsy evidence.

Turns out the suspect has the ability to shrink objects and people.
Unclear if it is technology based or meta based. It is likely he stole the tech.

many funny scenes of Cisco and Ralph after they are shrunk down. Especially when Ralph was accidentally stepped on.

Wells2 develops a device to try to restore them but it backfires and they may explode in 10 hours.

The Warden reminds Barry that everyone in the prison is a monster...

Cisco and Wells2 conclude they need to put Cisco and Ralph in the villain's line of fire, they have 20 minutes left before Cisco and Ralph explode.

Humorous battle ensues.

Wells2 suckers him into restoring Ralph and Cisco by getting them to breach into one of Wells2 pockets before he gets blasted so that they take the hit.

They slap a power dampener collar on him.

He hints that he did break into Mercury labs and let Big Sir take the hear for it but doesn't fully admit to it. Without a full confession, Big Sir can't get out.

Barry then makes a decision and takes Big Sir out of prison and around the world to a place in China that he mentioned he'd like to go to if he was free. He leaves him a note about how sometimes you do get the movie ending.

Joe and Cecile have a heart to heart about her powers.

The Warden of the prison reveals to Barry that an extra camera Barry didnn't know about recorded him Flashing Big Sir out of prison. He drugs Barry and throws him into the meta wing and then places a call to someone about having another meta to offer them.

Wells2 and Team Flash conclude that there are no coincidences where Devoe is concerned such as Barry having and innocent man as a cell mate, the metas from the bus, even Ralph and Barry getting shrunk could all be part of Devoe's plans.

A better episode of the season.

Still no major hints about Devoe's plans that I can see.

I found this to be a really good episode and I liked it, despite the silly bits and I realised today why I liked it so much.

ZERO Devoe.

A complete and utter lack of Devoe, save one small mention here and there, made what is in effect a filler episode, composed mostly to just pad out the series, was very enjoyable.

I bet Oliver Queen could have got a confession out of tall, bald and shrinky...