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Prison warden gives Barry and the other metas over to be sold for 50% of the profits.

Corrupt friend of Ralph's wants to hire him for a crooked detective job. Ralph refuses.

Warden tells Iris that Barry is in isolation due to a prison fight. Cecile reads his mind and knows he is lying and learns of the metahuman trafficking.

Joe wants to tell his boss about this.

Wells2 is on Earth 2 visiting his daughter

Ralph tells team Flash of his visitor and as he talks he morphs into a copy of him including the voice. Ralph freaks out and forces himself to revert to normal appearance.

They decide to have Ralph copy the warden to release the others.

Apparently the warden's plan throws a wrench in Devoe's plans and he does not know what they should do to compensate. He is currently still assimilating his new body and its powers.

He seems confident Barry will figure a way out of it.

barry starts his plan.

Ralph tries to copy the warden's appearance. After a lecture from Cisco he copies the warden but has a few problems still to work on.

Barry basically MacGuyver's his way out of the cell and frees the other metas.

Barry convinces the other metas to work with him and escape together. The plan is to use the old tunnels to escape and get their powers back

Devoe's chair is upgraded. His wife is still having issues with his new body. He also notes she has a song playing in her head all the time and it blocks his ability to read her mind. He assures her that once the new phase is completed he will erase all doubt from her mind.

Ralph as the Warden arrives at a bar, his motor coordination is diminished in this form. he starts losing control of his disguise but manages to hold it back together.

Barry convinces them to leave a maintenance tech alive and bound and gagged.

Ralph tries to convince the villain he is the warden but he loses his disguise and flees.

Warden name is Wolf, Ralph copies his appearance....Ralph Wolf? Loony Tunes reference?

The rest of Team Flash wants to hit the prison and stop Warden Wolf, Ralph ducks out.

Caitlyn goes to talk to Ralph he wont talk to her so she becomes KF to talk some sense into him.

Warden Wolf intercepts them as they escape and get their powers back. Warden clamps a power dampener on Barry. Warden then outs Barry as the Flash to the other metas to divert them from attacking the warden.

The good luck meta helps Barry until the main villain arrives but she is easily beaten.

However Devoe shows up in his upgraded chair to attack. He blocks the metas powers then does something to their minds and they collapse and become Devoe's extra bodies. he then kills the warden, thus eliminating the one that knew Barry was the Flash. Devoe leaves

Cisco and KF arrive and get the power blocker off him. Barry states he will stay until they find away to get him out legally.

Barry zips back into his regular cell and none of the guards seem to know he was in the meta wing.

At the appeal hearing, Ralph shows up disguised as Devoe and gives some seriously fantastic testimony. Cecile reminds the judge that the city has a history of the immpossible and people appearing to be dead and returning. Devoe's wife is astounded.

The judge is astounded but clear's Barry of all charges and orders his release.

Team Flash celebrates Barry being free.

Barry notes that Devoe only stole the powers of the metas on the bus and not the other metas in iron heights.

Team Flash realizes this means Ralph is in danger.

Devoe's wife is not pleased with the turn of events including Warden Wolf's death and Barry's early release.

Devoe then slips her some drug in her wine that appears to do a slight memory wipe on his wife and beings her back to his side.

Also he is in the body of the meta that manipulates luck but has his super intelligence and telepathy from the other body and possbily the other meta powers as well.

He also mentions The Enlightenment.

It also seems that body swapping is altering how Devoe thinks about things and he is getting a bit careless.

1. Barry is free from jail at least for now. This could be reversed at a later point.

2. Ralph shape shifting into another person....not bad. Seems to be getting perhaps a bit close to Plastic Man's powers? Can't recall if Plastic Man could alter his appearance like this.

3. Devoe mentions the enlightenment....?

4. Anyone that learned Barry was the Flash is dead or assimilated by Devoe so his ID is secret again from the world.

5. Clever plan to get Barry free, Devoe's wife couldn't stop it without screwing everything up. However now "Devoe" will disappear and not be around to work with the cops as to what happened thus some suspicion about Barry will likely remain for a time, though I doubt he will experience OJ level of hatred from the public. However the courts and cops will have questions, Barry wont be able to answer them without revealing he is the Flash.

However if needed, Ralph could copy Barry's appearance while Barry suits up as the Flash so they can both appear at the same time to make people think he isn't the Flash.

An improvement overall but the show still needs work.

I thought the ending was Barry back in his jail cell.

I actually turned the app off and went to bed.

Then when I got on her and read Iron Man's summary, I was like WHAT?! there was more?

That was the WORST ending ever. As others have said it makes NO sense that Mrs. Devoe remains speechless. She could have said any number of things because she knows it's not really Devoe.

And now Barry is only free because of a dumb lie and he could very easily go back to jail when the judge realizes it's a lie.

Other dumb things about this episode:

Ralph is not a shape-shifter. That's a HUGE power to just have as like a plot device. I mean that will be useful EVERY episode. But five bucks says they hardly ever mention it again.

Devoe killing all the Bus meta was such a WASTE. And Barry was just standing there. WTF? I thought Barry was a hero?

So I guess Devoe's plan doesn't include stealing Ralph's powers or else he would already be dead. Maybe his plan is that Ralph will choke when everyone needs him. Ralph is definitely a bit of a choker.