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Subj: Re: The purple lightning was pretty at least
Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 at 01:23:57 am GMT (Viewed 1294 times)
Reply Subj: The purple lightning was pretty at least
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    Wells2 studies the security cam footage of how and when Devoe became the Thinker. Wells2 builds a thinking cap for himself and plans to blast his own brain with dark matter to boost his IQ to at least match Devoe if not exceed his IQ.

    All of Team Flash agrees with the idea except Cisco. he refuses to see Wells2 risk becoming like Devoe in anyway.

    Wells2 states he will do it with or without Cisco.

    The new bus meta stops another meta with flame powers that is robbing a bank. The new meta can transfer meta powers from one person to another and it is the hope that this meta can stop Devoe.

I don't think flame dude 1 was a bus meta. He was what Cisco called an "OG (original gangsta) meta". He's had the powers since the particle accelerator.

    Wells2 takes his thinking cap for a test...a rather humorous test involving Ralph. It works great until it catches fire.

    They attempt to abduct the meta and Barry's powers get shifted to Iris.

    Iris and Barry trade roles. Iris saves people from a fire but cant snuff the flames and is rescued by Cisco

I was a little disappointed Iris was so incompetent. But I guess I would also be complaining if she was super competent. Women really can't win I guess.

And I hate to sound like Comic Book Guy but why was the lightning purple? I think Zoom's lightning was blue and Reverse Flash was red because their powers were a little different than Barry and his yellow lightning. But Iris literally has Barry's powers.

(I hope Barry just learns to control the color...I want to see a green lightning speedster!)

    Caitlyn cannot restore Barry's powers, they need the meta

Maybe if Harrison and Cisco bothered to help she would have cracked that nut. But they were busy with their smart helmet.

    Cisco agrees to help Wells2 as long as he doesn't use Dark matter and if he goes "locutus of borg" Cisco will warp him back to his earth.

    Iris takes on the person that got the flame powers early in the episode

    The new meta arrives and tries to stop the guy and learns he transferred the fire powers to him. Iris saves him and takes on the fire man.

Fire Guy 2 was a really BAD actor. I know we're used to a lot of bad acting in the Arrowverse but this guy stood out IMO.

    Wells2 tries the thinking cap again to aid Iris and comes up with a plan to have Iris make a tidal wave to stop the flame cyclone the villain is generating. It works and back at STAR the new meta, named Meltdown by cisco, transfers the power back to Barry.

    Meltdown wants to leave but gets a Team Flash pep talk and is asked to help against Devoe. Meltdown agrees. Iris agrees to help train Barry in the art of making tidal waves.

    Team Flash seemed quite helpless without Iris at the computer calling the have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. caitlyn, cisco and wells in the past have handled giving Barry advice in battle.

It did seem like Caitlyn and Cisco took stupid pills this episode to let Iris shine.

    Now they need Iris in the command chair, and Wells2 needs his thinking cap.

    Iris gives Ralph a pep talk and he decides to impersonate Devoe again to meet the Mayor to help clear Barry for good.

    caitlyn of course says "you go, girl!" to Iris.

    Girl power! SJW episode FTL!

Well I did like that Iris actually go to do something useful for once.

But they brought back her damnable blog that made me despise her in season 1. Kill that blog. Either she stays on Team Flash or goes back to being a journalist and works at a newspaper or a television station. I cannot respect a blogger. They're almost as low as crack dealers or vape store workers or tattoo artists.

Seasons 2 and 3 resolved my season 1 issues with Iris being vapid and dumb. She's come so far...kill that blog!!! Let her become a respectable journalist.

    episode ends with Wells2 using the Thinking Cap, Cisco shuts it down as they are past safety limits and Wells2 states he doesn't need it and names the last 2 bus metas.....

    Quote:'s see now if Wells2 becomes like Devoe....

I kind of wish they would kill Devoe and just give us corrupted Harrison. Devoe sucks. Evil Harrison has potential (ok fine it's a rehash of season 1 Harrison...still better than Devoe).

The fire meta was from the particle accelerator

As to Iris, well it is one thing to observe people with powers in action but another to have powers. So her feeling the pressure of being a rookie hero was understandable.

Purple Lightning.....either it was because she was a girl or a side affect of the meta power transfer and it reverted to normal for Barry.

Zoom was blue due to the Velocity serum altering and poisoning him.

RF:....well he is supposed to be the reverse of Barry hence his yellow suit and red energy vs barry's red suit and yellow energy.

As to controlling and altering the color....I'd like to see that. However I suspect the color is a subconscious choice except for Velocity serum making it blue/poisonous.

Yeah, Wells2 and Cisco should have lent her a hand with trying to reverse the power switch.

Fireman I think they just wanted someone over the top who hopes to get a career going in Hollywood.

Yes, they all took stupid pills so that Iris could shine and show that that need her in the command chair of Team Flash.

The next season could be Wells2 going evil from the thinking cap.

In the old Star Trek series, Spock day say of Khan that super intelligence breeds superior ambition or some such drivel. However that makes sense in the case of Devoe and it could be the same for Wells2.

Ever since Devoe manifested this season and was revealed as an omniscient genius, Wells2 was acting at times like he was kicked in the ego. So Wells2 juicing his brain to counter Devoe makes sense.

HOWEVER: this could lead to a Flowers for Algernon scenario where Wells2 starts to not only revert but actually lose his normal intellect.

OR: it wears off and nothing bad happens except Wells2 gets kicked in the ego again

OR: he becomes corrupt. Now this would be similar to season 1 except Season 1 was Thawne using his knowledge of future history and tech and any genius he siphoned from Wells1. This time it would be an actual Wells with his brain seriously juiced up.

Also they did miss an opportunity in this episode to get Jefferson/JAx the surviving half of Firestorm back into action. Melting Point could have taken the fire powers from Fireman2, then they could have contacted Jefferson and if he was willing he could have received the firepowers and they would have a new version of FIRESTORM to help with Devoe. Something Devoe may not have calculated.

But I hear Jefferson should be getting the fire totem in Legends later this season.

R.I.P. Stephen Hawking

R.I.P. Toys R Us

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