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Subj: Re: Flash May 22nd season 4 finale
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Flash stops Devoe's plans with an assist from the "Mystery speed girl" to smash a satellite with a decaying orbit. Barry goes to sonic punch it, but as he makes impact time appears to rewind a few moments and the next time around he is aided by the mystery girl, whom he cannot see at the moment....though he later realizes there was another speedster aiding him.

Devoe's wife aids Team Flash, also with the restoration of Wells2.

Cecile risks her self and the as yet unborn kid to help Barry enter Devoe's mindscape and free Dibney's trapped psyche. Dibney reasserts control and reshapes his body back to normal.

Caitlyn assists with the delivery of Joe's kid.

Devoe has a legacy program in his chair that activates after Dibney is restored. However his wife deactivates it but a satellite comes down

Clue to the mystery girl, if you look carefully you see her speed is a mix of Barry's gold energy and the purple energy Iris had when she had Barry's power....

Wells2 and Cisco have a Khan moment after his brain is rebooted. \:\)

Wells2 is mostly restored, however there may be some lingering brain loss as his IQ doesn't quite seem to be fully restored but he is balanced now between his IQ and his emotions.

Wells2 then decides to get back to his Earth and restore relations with his daughter. Cisco comments that it is the end of an era.

Wally shows up at the party for the newborn to see his new sister.

The party is going well, Iris jokes with Barry that one day they will be next to have a kid. Barry of course has a mild freak out.....

The party is going well when the mystery girl arrives and states she is Nora, the daughter of Iris and Barry from the future and she states she may have just made a big mistake.....

1. So is Dibney really cleansed of Devoe and the other meta psyches? Eh, probably given the sloppy writing

2. Does Cecile still retain telepathy or is it all in the kid?

3. Nora time jumped back a few minutes so that she could team with Barry to smash the satellite, thus saving the city AND Barry as well. Nora then tells them she may have made a big mistake......

....well let's see

A. You timewarped to the past from the future

B. You are introducing yourself to your future parents and their friends thus setting up the paradox that by them meeting Nora, they must now one day actually conceive Nora otherwise time paradox galore!

C. She clearly did a time warp so that she could run alongside her dad and help smash the satellite. So this tells me that Barry likely would have perished otherwise, or been critically injured, either way this would likely mean Nora won't exist, so what she did saved Barry and her existence, but now how has the future changed?

And frankly after this season, does anyone care? I'm having a hard time caring at all.

So... should everybody know Barry is Flash now? Half of his mask was ripped/burned off when he returned from the satellite, and many people were taking pictures.

City of Heroes is BACK!
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