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Subj: I have to agree with Knight.
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Reply Subj: Re: DC reveals, once and for all, who the fastest man alive really is in the Flash #49 *SPOILERS*
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    Looks like DC is sticking to their guns. This is a result I am happy with. \:\)

    Now, if only DC would give Wally West his own Flash title and make him the primary Flash again, then kill off Barry and keep him dead.

This was a fun issue, I've always liked issues like this where Flashes are using their speed in a unique/out of the ordinary way. The best part not mentioned in the CBR story was Superman trying vainly to keep up with them to find out what was going on and failing.

Not in favor of Barry dying again, but I agree that Wally should have his own book. Instead of the bi-monthly book, just have a once a month Barry book and a once a month Wally book.

Barry was never interesting.

Wally had personality. Barry before Crisis, and after Final Crisis never did.

Strangely, even though he was brought back because he was the "greatest hero," he just keeps looking worse.

He has two kids in the future, The Tornado Tins, and he never went to the future (as I remember) to meet them.

Flashpoint snapped countless people out of existence, after all, theoretically regular people would be affected along WITH the missing superheroes.

All of this could lead to interesting character growth, but it didn't.

Barry is and always has been boring. Wally became the Flash, because through his Ten Titans appearances, he became more popular than his mentor.

Does that mean he should die? Yes and no.

He served a better purpose dead. He was Wally's great inspiration of what a hero was.

When he came back, I made a prediction. He would either have to have his legacy marred, or he would be uninteresting.

They have had close to a decade to make Barry an interesting character. For my money they never found something.

BArry's original run as flash lasted for 30 years. Impressive. Wally's lasted for 23 years... minus a brief disappearance after Infinite Crisis.

Much like the Spider-Marriage at Marvel, a change that most people liked was retconned for what the powers at be felt the mainstay should be.

When Barry came back, the more liked Flash was pushed aside.