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Subj: Re: Sci-Fi/Superhero Cinema #60 - Superman (1978)
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    Superman's Pal reviews Superman:-) Nice review. you discuss quite a few points I had forgotten.
    Like you, I'm not sure if I saw this at the drive-in or on TV originally. I would have been 3 or 4, but my folks took me to the drive-in a lot as a kid. I'm pretty sure that's where I saw Superman II. Thanks for pointing out the extra scenes.

It's like Star Trek and Star Wars where I feel like I saw the second movie in theaters but I'm not sure about the first. Maybe I saw those on TV.

    The flying scenes have held up amazingly well. And Reeves sells the idea of a contrast between goofy Clark Kent and confident Superman about as well as can be done.

This seems like a watershed film where the camera POV for the first time is up in the air flying with him getting closeups and different angles. CGI may have replaced rear screen, and in this case front projection, but the shot selection hasn't changed much since then.

Yeah, Reeve did a great job making the characters different. I used to think his Clark was wimpy but he's not really, just clumsy. The best scene is when he drops Lois off from their flight and then a second later arrives as Clark. Funny that IMDb claims they used a pre-recorded Superman so we could see them both in one shot because Donner claimed that it was all shot live. Superman flies off in the flying rig, when he vanishes around the corner they quickly took him out of the harness, threw Clark's suit over the Superman outfit and recombed his hair and he appeared at the door.


    I remember, years later, reading Avengers 113 and thinking the plot felt just like Luthor's plan in Superman the movie. (Of course the Avengers comic predates it by quite a bit)

    I also remember thinking it was a pretty lucky coincidence that the tragedy being averted all depended on where Miss Tessmacher's mother was living.

I always thought since she saved the day they should go easy on her. This time I realized she was totally fine killing millions of people for profit until it was her mother. They should have locked her up too.

    I still never understood how reversing the Earth's rotation turns back time. Wouldn't it just mean the sun would rise in the west?

I did eventually tell myself he is not actually changing the rotation of the Earth, he is slingshotting himself around the Earth to go fast enough to fly himself backwards in time. Its only from his perspective Earth seems to be going backwards. But now I realize it doesn't really matter. He's Superman.

    And I can't help but remember the HISHE video, which points out that a guy who could fly around the earth fast enough to stop time would have no trouble catching two rockets.


I don't know if the timing changed but in this extended version it seems clear that the first nuke had already hit by the time Miss Tessmacher freed him. EDIT: Never mind, he does see the California nuke hit when he's in space getting rid of the NJ nuke. But yeah, HISHE had it right.


    Although as a kid, I had equal parts DC and marvel comics, but as I grew older, Marvel won out. So Superman was never really my cup of tea. However, I had to admit that this and the sequel are pretty much the gold standard for superhero films. Despite my Marvel bias, I would call I and II, hands down, the best superhero films of the 20th century.

They actually took the material seriously.

I had a final thought which was that when I got to the end of the film I realized he had never used heat vision. I guess they saved that for part II.

    Thanks for the memories. Looking forward to your Superman II review.

Thanks! I thought I might save it for a later date but who knows.

Thinking about it, I'm almost sure I saw Superman I on telly and Superman II in the drive-in.

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