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Subj: Re: Earth-2:Society #19 - The Brand New Day.
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Reply Subj: Re: Earth-2:Society #19 - The Brand New Day.
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    Not really. The fear on prime earth was only in it's first years. This earth 2 had a war ravaged planet not resembling ours. The vast majority of the book centered on a looming war with Darkseid with forshadowing.

No it didn't. You are saying the book was introduced as inherently deconstructionist in nature and was a War comic, an ongoing War comic, ignoring the fact that the launchpoint for the debut is built upon the backdrop that the war described in the first issue was over and in the past, Earth-2 #1 was a post-war world looking to the future and recovering. Everything about Earth-2 was about looking to a brighter, stronger, future and celebrating being alive. This spirit of positivity was a large part of the books initial appeal and set it apart from nearly anything else that the publisher had released at that time.
Yet now you add to that reading by claiming it was also introduced as a book with a siege mentality, a war book that had its cast and tone geared towards expecting Darkseid's forces to return imminently, which again is patently not true - thanks to a heavy sacrifice and cost, the War was over. A new age was dawning. And this was a book of hope and new era's, as embodied in the new heroic age characters.

All of this was one writers vision, but Somewhere after the first year all of James Robinson's plans (were) changed and the result was he walked away from the book in a very abrupt fashion. If you were a regular listener to his Comicvine podcast in 2012 you will remember his vague outlines for the first meeting with the Justice League, and the restrictions he worked under in choosing cast and wardrobe etc. All of these restrictions disappeared the moment he left and new writer Tom Taylor came onboard, and the book about-faced from well crafted world building into being a full-on War book and violently deconstructionist venture. The rest is history.

The last three to four years since Robinson left have seen the worst case of vandalism to a book I have experienced since the mid-1990's and the sales crash...

    There will be other easter eggs, hints and clues of the relationship between both universes seeded in Earth 2, and in this bit of epic world building, it was also important to Robinson that he not create something so "science-fiction different" that it seems completely alien for readers.
    "There is definitely aspects of it that are very familiar — familiar in terms of our world and familiar in terms of the main DC Universe," the writer explains. "However, there are other things that happened in the past that have changed that world and made it distinct and different, both in terms of its landscape, countries that might not be there anymore, areas of the world that are changed and different, and also just the way people go about their lives in the day-to-day comings and goings in America and civilized countries."
    Robinson has talked with Levitz as well as Justice League scribe Geoff Johns about planning large-scale crossovers between worlds, but that will all come later, Robinson says. First, he wants to focus on Earth 2 and build up his Justice Society there — even though it may be that only in concept for now.

    Earth-2 Launch, April 2012