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Subj: Thanks For The Report ; A Headmen Box Set? Yowza! That's Really Dreaming!
Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2007 at 10:34:12 am EST (Viewed 1 times)
Reply Subj: Hasbro Marvel Legends
Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2007 at 09:15:13 pm EST

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I picked up the complete set of new Hasbro Marvel Legends figures.

The best figures in the series are Hercules and Planet Hulk (although another Hulk is a bit redundant).

The Iron Man, Beast and White Queen are okay.

Banshee sucks.

The Annihilus is awesome, if oddly colored (pinkish instead of purple.)

Hasbro has a chance to do some really good things with this series depending on their choices for future figures.

As far as future figures go, I for one would love to see more villains, such as:

Dr Doom (the 1st one wasn't that good).
Xemnu the Titan
Tiger Shark
Mr. Hyde
Gladiator (from Daredevil)
Super Adaptoid
Molten Man
Living Laser
Diamondhead (although he doesn't qualify for 'Legend' status, he could be a neat figure.)
Absorbing Man
Radioactive Man
Psycho Man
Stilt Man
Doc Samson (original costume)

A Retro Box Set with an original Beetle, original Titanium Man, original Mandarin (with the cheesy "M" on his chest) and maybe a silver age Red Skull. (I know, don't hold my breath waiting)

A Squardron Sinister Box Set with Hyperion, Dr. Spctrum, Nighthawk and Whizzer.

A Headmen Box Set with Gorilla Man, Ruby Thursday, Chondu and Jerry 'Shrunken Bones' Morgan. (Highly unlikely.)

...and maybe build-a-figures of Ultimo, Terminus, Tomazooma the Living Totem, Orka the Human Killer Whale and (please!)Fin Fang Foom.

Any thoughts?

...after an unexpected delay which I should have foreseen, I'll be receiving my set early next week.

Luckily, I collect Hulk figures (though I haven't bought all figures in the Hulk lines or Hulk movie line), so I'm happy to see this new Planet Hulk version. The Marvel Icons Hulk was just tremendous.

The Hercules figure looks grand and I expect it to be the best of the lot, perhaps except Annihilus. I loved Hercules during his tenure on the Avengers during the Stern run in the 80s.

Your comments on the others are more or less what I expected from the prototype photos. I don't care about the ultimate line at all, but, like the Hulk, Iron Man is a character that a lot can be done with from a toy angle, so I'm not terribly surprised we're seeing him here again--this is the 3rd straight line with an IM figure.

I too feel that the 'movie version' figures are a total cop out in the ML line, since the films have toy lines of their own--in which the Beast, strangely enough, DID NOT look like the movie Beast at all.

I'm not surprised that 'Banshee sucks,' as you say--Banshee always sucks! This is the third, if not the fourth, Banshee figure we've seen since the early 90s. Give us a break! and none of them are very good. The first, in fact, was quite laughable, with a mouth permanently shaped like an '0'.

I like your list of villains who should be made--the last all-villain 'Onslaught' line was fairly lame, all things considered. The Pyro figure was only a badly painted, second-rate version of a previously released Pyro figure, and the Lady Deathstrike figure was, well, an Ambomination!

A BAF Xemnu the titan figure would be awesome, as would a BAF Ultimo, a BAF Terminus, and a BAF Super Adaptoid--figures I've been clamouring for publically here, as well as an original Titanium Man in his huge green armor.

Mr. Hyde could be done in so many different ways, and is an obvious oversight in this line. The Radioactive Man is another figure who could easily be made to look grand, and he has a very high profile right now. and Tiger Shark in his original form is a natural.

There have already, over the last 12 years or so, been good to excellent Fin Fang Foom, Absorbing Man, Swarm, Psycho Man, Wizard, Stegron, Tombstone, Blastaar, and Whirlwind figures--I have all of them; so you might want to look on eBay.

Which is not to say that some of these figures couldn't use a complete revamp in the ML line. But I don't want to see the old molds merely trotted out and re-used like they did with Pyro. The original Pyro figure was excellent.

We have to be weary though: look how poor some of the Spider Man villains have been of late; not even worth buying.

God knows I'd love to see a Headmen box set!

Thanks for your input and commentary.

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