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Subj: Re: Civil War#6 musings......SPOILERS (spoils for Frontline 9-10 too)
Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2007 at 04:07:38 pm EST
Reply Subj: Civil War#6 musings......SPOILERS
Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2007 at 03:10:35 pm EST

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Am I correct in the interpretation that Hulkling in the guise of Hank Pym is the spy in Tony's organization? Bear with me, I realize I am stating the obvious. Story inconsistancies throughout this issue give me pause in assuming this is comepletely accurate. Cap's team has known about Tigra, and I get the impression for longer than the duration of Hulkling's infiltration of IM's forces. To start CW 6, Hank is talking with Miriam Hill when a low level SHIELD agent interrupts them needing Pym's assistance. Obviously, the agent is Hulkling. In his own words Hulking states " ...Pym's been drugged and unconcious since I knocked him out and replaced him back in Arizona this morning." Tigra's been the spy for over a week. I get the impression Cap's known longer than one day. Could there be more than one spy on IronMan's team?
I am still holding out hope it might be Mr. Fantastic. I've never seen Reed's personality resemble the emotional yoyo it has become. One panel he is cold, dispassionate, almost soulless (Clor surgery). A panel later he cares about little kids and Sue and Johnny not facing incarceration and how he had the stones to stand up to the president of the USA. Later near the end of the book, he has the look of soppy milquetoast again as the traitor is revealed and both forces stand ready to oppose one another again. He has the look of the only hero not wanting this inevitable confrontation. Everyone eles' jaws are set and looking very volatile and ready for a fight. Kudos to McNiven's artwork on the subtleties of human expression.
Could there still be another spy in Tony's ranks? Could it be Reed? If not, I still get the impression Reed may switch sides during the final battle.
And to enforce Dr Shallots theory that Miriam Sharpe might be Mephisto in disguise, I found it interesting that the story switches from the scene with Miriam to Dr Strange sitting in the middle of what might be a pentagram.
Holding out hope for the redemption of Mr. Fantastic, and all the heroes.....


Those are all some great thoughts regarding CW.

Regarding the pro-reg mole, the answer is the traitor was more than just Hulkling/Hank Pym. Remember, Iron Man knew who the traitor really was and wouldn't reveal it to the pro-reg side team in recent issues of Frontline (except for Reed, apparently). These stories most certainly took place for over a 24 hour period. The whole issue with Hulkling was to set up the release of 42's prisoners to aid in the upcoming fight. If it turns out that Hulkling/Hank was the actual traitor all along, then A) That's real lame and bad plotting or B) The anti-reg side is screwed, because Tony was onto them all along and knew they would free the other prisoners and probably has a trick or two up his sleeve.

Enough has been said about Reed (and several other character's) being depicted inaccurately. I'm gonna start leaving that point alone til the whole story has been told. Maybe we'll luck out and discover that there's been a reason for these depictions (and for me, that'd be awesome because I really want to like CW, and characterization's been a major obstacle).

Lastly, regarding the Miriam Sharpe theory. I want to start anagramming her name and see if it comes up with some bad guy names. I think it's a great theory that she could be Mephisto, but if it's true, then Marvel has lied. Remember they said NO bad guys were pulling the strings behind the scenes. I dont mind a red herring, but a flat-out lie to keep me guessing is kinda sucky. Miriam Sharpe is definitely a suspicious character though...which is odd to say because I cant imagine any mother not acting the same way had they lost a child under similar circumstances.

I can at least say this much: i'm looking forward to CW #7. I have a bad feeling it'll leave us open-ended and a bit inconclusive, but hopefully it'll provide all the right answers.

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