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Posted: Fri Jan 05, 2007 at 03:44:18 pm EST
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Posted: Fri Jan 05, 2007 at 03:16:35 pm EST

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> Overall, I thought this issue was the best of the series thusfar.

Well, stuff is finally happening at least. We get a hint of the Initiative program, the anti-shra team makes it's move, finally see where Dr. Strange has been, and a setup to the final battle. I wasn't too impressed however. Too much is being skipped over or just brushed aside. How did Spider-man heal so fast? I guess we'll just have to assume he "got better".
> Still, that's not saying too much.
> Having yet another series (after Secret War and House of M) in which huge groups of heroes sit or run around without thinking (in terms of thought balloons) or saying anything (or very very little) is a real bummer.

Agreed. We didn't get too much reaction from anyone besides Cap when Punisher blew away those villains. Monica cracked a joke about Castle lasting 10 minutes longer than she thought. You've been right all along TS-looks like Nextwave Monica is here to stay. *gah*
> I found it rather hard to believe that though IM knew that YA Hulking is a shape-shifter, no extra precautions were taken against someone with such a power taking over a pro-reg 'hero,' and also that IM thought that Cap's team was 'outnumbered' when Cap had Photon/Pulsar on his side, who could easily wipe the floor with IM (and most others) if she really tried.

But Tony thinks of everything right? Seriously, I give Tony props for being an inventor and futurist, but can he compare to Cap as a strategist? No. Unless he's getting help from someone else....
> IM may have the vastly over-rated and under-utlized Sentry on his side, but Monica is no slouch--especially now with her new bad-ass attitude.

I have my doubts about McNiven's ability to depict the big brawl that should take place in the finale. He's a great artist, but pulling off multiple character action scenes doesn't seem to be his bag. I'm sure he'll concentrate on a few major fights and reduce the rest of the cast to small background characters. If the Sentry can be taken out(and Cap should have a plan for this) then I give the advantage to the anti-shra side. Yet we all know by now which side wins.
> I'd love to see it, but personally I don't think we're gonig to see Mephisto, Nightmare, or any other Loki/Umar/In-Betweener-level bad guy involved, or even a lesser power like Morgan Le Fay or Scorpio with the Zodiac Key.

I still think there's more to meets the eye involving Ms. Sharpe. She may simply be a backdoor plan for down the road.
> Are we sure that wasn't the Black Knight there on Cap's side?

If there can be two ebony blades maybe there's two Black Knights? \:\-\)
> And why is the Living Mummy there? For kicks?

He was apprehended in an early issue of Frontline.

I'm sure there will be at least one more betrayal in line for next issue. My bet it somehow involves Fury, he's been gone too long and Millar seems to have a fondness for the character.

It's hard not to let all the negative feelings towards the series in general not cloud my judgement of this one issue. I agree, as it stands by itself it's probably the best of the series in terms of moving the plot along and having things actually happen. I'm just glad we're one step closer to the end.

...Tony's side definitely wins? And if so, why is Ms. Marvel apparently leading the new New Avengers team? Or isn't that Tony in the armor? But that team is made up of all Pro-Reg heroes, yes?

I guess I really haven't cared enough about CW altogether, since I haven't given too much thought as to who wins.

Do you have a definite clue for the clueless?

I'm sorry I don't have time to address all your other excellent points at present, but I appreciate them.

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