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Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2007 at 11:29:50 am CST
Reply Subj: Holding you to a promise [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2007 at 10:02:35 am CST

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Before my comments TS, I'm holding you to your promise of giving the FF a shot now that McDuffie is on board. This anniversary issue was excellent and McDuffie has injected more character and enthusiasm into this title that it has seen in years, even while still dealing with the aftermath of CW. Next issue looks to be the start of a new era.

> First of all, Captain America, if he had to go, went out with a bang. Brubaker did an excellent job on this issue, it's one of the best I've ever read, and included the full gamit of Cap's mythology: WW II, the super solider program, Bucky, the Red Skull, the Falcon, Crossbones, Sister Sin, Sharon Carter (oh my), Nick Fury, and even a resurrected Doctor Faustus, whom I was very glad to see figuratively smoking his pipe again.
> A very powerful issue with clear allusions to the Kennedy assassination. Bravo, Ed. A sterling job.

I agree. While I don't believe with the idea in principle, Brubaker did a great job of making Cap's death a powerful story. After his weepy surrender in CW and his pathetic verbal beat down by Sally Floyd in Frontline, Brubaker, with few words, restored Cap's heroic nature. Whle I don't know if I'll continue to pick up this book I'm very interested to see how the Sharon Carter development works out. And I still think the add with the sexy blonde licking the vanilla ice cream distracted me from full enjoyment of the few final panels. \:\-\)
> Next, Mighty Avengers. Well, it certainly felt 100% more like the Avengers than anything we've seen since before 'Chaos.' It was full of holes all the way through, but of the kind I can forgive, though why Jan, Tony, Simon, and Natasha didn't recognize moloids and the Mole Man's monsters is completely unexplainable. and why weren't Jan's and Natasha's previous Avengers-leadership positions mentioned? Both Tony and Carol should totally be aware of that!
> Also, with all the heroes available for membership, Ares? A total wild card, instead of She Hulk, Hercules, and Photon? So now they've got the Sentry, whose membership was still not adequetely explained (which Carol acknowledged in her wonderful--and welcomed--thought balloons) and Ares, who may develop into an interesting character, but whose membership really makes no sense.
> I think the story was well-told, but having Iron Man be invaded by and transformed in a female Ultron seems to be a bit much to ladel on this character at this time, with everything that's happened and resulted from CW. Does Tony now have a vagina? A mechanical vagina? Where did Tony actually go?
> Having Ultron invade Tony via a download was an expected idea in this day and age, BUT shouldn't Tony have been 100% secured against such invasions, if we're supposed to believe that he's so technologically on top of things?
> I'm glad to say I look forward to the next issue.

I haven't read this issue yet, but I flipped through it. I'm going to give this series my standard 3 issue test. One comment about the issue: the reason I flipped through it was to see how Bendis used thought balloons. One advance review I read on the issue indicated that Bendis used them like never before! These aren't you daddy's thought balloons! Upon review I certainly didn't see them used in any new fancy way that hasn't been done before. I'm glad to see them back. Now that Bendis is using them again perhaps Joe Q will say their hip and sophisticated again.
> Uncanny X-Men: Brubaker is doing a great job on this book, though I admit I think it's starting to drag a bit (as is Planet Hulk slightly), and might have been better as an 8-parter instead of a 12. But his characterization is dead-on, and Lorna is Lorna again (which means a whole lot to me), and it looks like she and Alex will patch up their romantic differences. It's great to see the new characters, Deathbird, Li'landra, Chod, Corsair, and the whole crew. This may not be what everyone wants from an X-book, but I'm really digging it, and the art is terrific.

Arghh! Did this come out, I didn't even see it. All the high-priced issues that came out yesterday are putting a dent in my wallet. Next week maybe.
> The Initiative special: This was an enjoyable read all the way through, and I comment Ellis and Bendis, and Silvestri on the art. The use of the Collective, Reed Richards, and Sasquatch was effective, and it helped round out Bendis' weak 'Collective' NA arc. Ellis' Thuderbolts section was true to form, though why Silvestri decided to physically portray the Radioactive Man as a huge-toothed Chinese stereotype out of the Karloff 'Mask of Fu Manchu' from 1932 is beyond me.
> The section with Ms. Marvel and Spider Woman was okay, though I don't really know what the point of it was. The poor Grey Gargoyle was used as cannon fodder, which I don't appreciate. I don't for a moment buy that the GG couldn't take down Spider Woman. He's got all these powers, and yet he's chronically used as a helpless patsy. No thanks to that.

Haven't read that one either, but I did notice the depiction of Radioactive Man. Silvestri's art looks solid in the main story. I've already lost interest in Thunderbolts. At $4.99 this was a little steep and I thought it would showcase a bit more of "The Initiative" series.
> One of the best of the week was Meltzer's JLA arc closer about the Red Tornado, Eclipso, and Solomon Grundy. Holy moly! Talk about violence, drama, suspense, great dialog, action, and pizzazz. This book had it all, though I think there were a few holes.

Ah screw it, I'm going back to day and picking up the stuff I missed. I put this back on the shelp, as the $3.50 price tag put me over my limit.
> My NYC comic shop was jammed-packed, with crews from the AP and Reuter's on hand, as well as local news stations, to cover the death of Captain America. The check-out line wrapped all the way around the inside of the store, which means three long columns of buyers, each column containing about 100 people. It was a madhouse, and all due to the death of our beloved hero.

At least any new readers coming in to check this issue out got a solid story. Cap could have easily yelled "get down" and rolled, but his heroic nature shined through. We'll have to see if any new batch of readers gained from this death stick around.

I loved BEYOND!, and where McDuffie goes, I will follow; I've been waiting to see the the FF fully revitalized for many a year--maybe since the Simonson era. My wallet is getting tight too with all these minies and extra books to pick up, but I'll gladly get the new FF.

I'm glad you feel as I do about Cap # 25, if it had to happen. It was just beautifully done, and had a dreamlike quality. The twist at the end with Sharon was fantastic--and I admit I didn't see it coming. Did you? The only major figure missing was Diamondback, which is okay by me.

I think you'll like MA # 1. It's leagues better than NA, and any issue of NA that I can recall, even though Cho's art leaves me cold.

If the tone and spirit remains as it is in this issue, I'll be on board. I actually felt like the Avengers were back. And the thought balloons really added a lot, though there was nothing at all revolutionary about their use, which was purely standard. I hope they will continue to appear.

Go get Uncanny! Got Get Uncanny! And don't miss JLA. I mean it: Holy Moly! It was simply amazing---I was literally on the edge of my subway seat....jaw agape. Really powerful in a way NA hasn't come close to being.

But you can basically skip The Iniative (I can't spell it), since it's basically just a promo for forthcoming books, and is padded with pages from Cap # 25 and MA #1 and the current issue of IM.

Yes, I agree about new and newer readers. They're seeing Cap shine in his darkest hour, and, as I said yesterday, let's face it: Cap, the Wasp, T'Challa, Angel, Hawkeye, Mantis, Nighthawk, the Beast, Reed Richards, Prof. Xavier, Tigra, Hellcat, the Black Widow, the Falcon, even Doctor Strange: one of them was bound to fatally take a bullet sooner or later, just as the Jester did from the Punisher. These are basically human men and women. They don't have skin or costumes of adamantium; they don't have healing factors.

Thank you, Doc.

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