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Subj: Yup, It Was a Hoot - But His Illuminati Books Have Been Excellent Too [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2007 at 02:18:36 pm CST
Reply Subj: Re: Thoughts On Yesterday's Books - A Good Week, Despite You-Know-What [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2007 at 12:48:19 pm CST

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I'm really glad you dug Mighty Avengers, I too totally loved it. I commented to a buddy of mine that I didn't think Bendis could write this kind of story, but I'm really glad he proved me wrong. Anyway, you said some things I wanted to comment on.

> and why weren't Jan's and Natasha's previous Avengers-leadership positions mentioned? Both Tony and Carol should totally be aware of that!

I thought they did mention Jan's previous Leader role. I'll need to check, but I do believe they talked about it, albeit briefly.

Black Widow, however, was never mentioned having lead the Avengers, you're right.

> Also, with all the heroes available for membership, Ares? A total wild card, instead of She Hulk, Hercules, and Photon?

Well yeah. Did you miss that section where Tony talked about needing not only a God on the team, but someone who wouldn't be afraid to do what needed to be done? A 'thor/wolverine' type? I absolutely dig She-Hulk, Hercules, and Photon (of course the version you hate), but none of them fill that role. Plus Herc is probably a fugitive.

Every new Avengers line up needs some kind of new blood in it, it keeps things fresh.

>So now they've got the Sentry, whose membership was still not adequetely

you didn't think so? Even with Tony's comments about needing to be there to train poor ol'Bob to be the hero he should be? That they didn't want to have a repeat of what they had with Wanda when they ignored her craziness? I felt like it was a good reason.

>Does Tony now have a vagina? A mechanical vagina?


Quote of the year!

> Having Ultron invade Tony via a download was an expected idea in this day and age, BUT shouldn't Tony have been 100% secured against such invasions, if we're supposed to believe that he's so technologically on top of things?

It certainly makes Ultron into a huge threat if he can corrupt Tony's super hi-tech system, doesn't it? Would you rather Tony reject him from his system with no more than a thought?

> I'm glad to say I look forward to the next issue.

Me too. Dammit! I don't want to buy monthlies!

-The Funk

..and it was those that really gave me hope for ther future of Mighty Avengers.

If you look at the little 'info' bar for each character while they're picking the new team, I think you'll see some mistakes. I don't even think Natasha is listed an an Avenger (though she is listed as a Champion), much less a longtime former leader of the team.

I did see and read, of course, the information Tony provided about Sentry & Ares, it just didn't fly with me as rational and believable. Most of Tony's commentary seemed flippant and silly to me--that's not how you select a truly reliable team, IMO. It seemed more or less off the top of his head.

And what is not Thor-like, in terms of power, about Sentry? He has the power of a million exploding suns, for gosh sake.

In terms of Wolverine, well, I think Natasha can be as ruthless and fierce as Mystique if and when she decides to be, and probably Wolverine too. Overall, the portrayal of Natasha was not completely to my liking--she's sleeker, more sophisticated, a little more of a liminal personality that the !+&?*#@-speaking person we saw here.

I agree having Ares there as a 'new to the mix' tradition was a good idea--I just think it could have come about in a much more believable way, like him showing up at the battle, joining in, and then asked to be a member.

I would have liked to see a real 'wild card' added, like Stingray, Moondragon or Mantis in addition to those selected.

Yup--Tony just became a she!

I don't think the thought balloon usage was as revolutionary as you do. They were used cleverly, a little too cleverly for my taste, but I was thrilled to see them in use again.

They add so much dimension and intelligence to the average story--and certainly could have helped HOM, SW, and CW a lot.

At least we've got an Avengers title that looks, walks, and smells like an Avengers title again. I'll probably drop NA at long last, or at least after the MA/NA slug-fest coming up.

I'm really hating NA and even beginning to resent it, I think. The last issue with the introduction of Strange and Iron Fist certainly didn't change my opinion.

And I still don't care who's in the Ronin suit unless it turns out to be Madcap, the Melter, YellowJacket II, the Jester, or, God Forbid, Polaris.

If it's Hawkeye, big deal. It seems likely to me that we won't find out forever and a day.

And now we've got a third Avengers ongoing coming into the mix!

Peace, FunkG.

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