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Subj: My thoughts on the issue as a whole [SPOILERS]
Posted: Sat Mar 10, 2007 at 10:50:49 am EST
Reply Subj: Two Other [small] Problems I Had With Mighty Avengers # 1 [SPOILERS]
Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2007 at 10:10:14 am EST

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...but first, let me reiterate that I enjoyed the issue thouroughly and felt it was the first time I felt I was reading an Avengers title since perhaps Johns' 'Red Zone' arc.

However, I'm not much of a fan of Bendis' dialogue--there's too much of it that's simply superfluous banter, and it rarely moves the story along. I feel he uses it to disguise the fact that too often there's nothing really going on, his characterizations are generally poor, and to disguise the fact that he doesn't know how to really dramatize his New Avengers arcs, though there have been moments in which this is not the case.

But the larger problem I'm referring to in my subject line is Ms. Marvel's calling Hank Pym Jan's 'Crazy Husband' to Tony, or whatever the exact words are.

Yes, we all know that Hank has had personal / moral / ethical / mental / sustance abuse problems over the years. So have Carol and Tony had some variation of these (and Tony's having a lot of them right now).

So have Pietro, Wanda, Hawkeye, T'Challa, She Hulk, Dr. Druid, Namor, Thor, the Vision, Moondragon, Sersi, Mantis, the Hulk, Swordsman, Crystal, and other Avengers.

And Carol and Tony know that.

So, when you've fought alongside Hank Pym against Kang, Ultron, the Masters of Evil, Egghead, the Molecule Man, Korvac, the Collector, the Scarlet Witch, Magneto, Graviton, the Grim Reaper, Immortus, the Grand Master, the Red Skull, Dr. Doom, the Gatherers, HYDRA, the Zodiac, the Skrulls, Master Pandemonium, Maelstrom, Halflife, the High Evolutionary, the Savage Land Mutates, the Squardon Sinister, the Enchantress, Diablo, Bloodhawk, the Lava Men, the Yellow Claw, Terminus, the Master of the World, the Taskmaster, Loki, the Absorbing Man, the Time Keepers, the X-Men, Zeus, the Wizard, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Ymir and Surtur, the Kree, Morgan Le Fey, Baron Zemo...

...and others in very bitter battles to the death, and Hank has been there for you, watching your back on principle, and fighting the same foe to the end.... you make snide, cast-off commnents like Carol made, ff you have any character at all?

Especially in light of her own history and problems, which she's recently been reviewing and reflecting upon vis-a-vis her status as a public hero?

I don't think you do.

Unless you're in the Bendis/Ellis/Millar world, where most AVERAGE people are callous, treacherous, secretive, manipulative, rude, sociopathic, selfish, desperate, and mean-spirited at worst, and rather simple-minded, easily swayed, and superficial at best (Bendis' Spider Man and Sentry, to name two).

So that remark by Carol was another point in the story in which I was rudely reminded that I was reading a story---and one written by Bendis.

The Black Widow's &*$!! remark was another. She's not a 'gabby' person. She weighs her words carefully, and takes no guff from anyone. She's sophisticated, a tough cookie, who 'takes no prisoners' passed a certain point. Chattery 'banter' while fighting for her life and the life of her team is something that would be completely alien to her.


I have to say upfront that I was underwhelmed and not impressed. I will still give this series my standard 3-issue commitment to see if it can hook me, but based on the premiere issue I don't think I will be staying with it very long.

Anyone who has watched the show "Scrubs"(a favorite in my house) knows that for the bulk of the show the characters joke, play practical jokes, flirt, daydream/fantasize, and conduct themselves in what could be widely considered as unprofessional behavior. Then, all of a sudden, the show can take a serious turn. This sudden change in tone either works or it doesn't, and your overall enjoyment of the episode usually hinges on how well this sudden shift is executed. To me, most of the time it works, because the writing and the cast are talented enough to pull it off.

How does this relate to the Avengers? Well, when I think Avengers, I certainly don't think of them as the "Scrubs" of the Marvel Universe. Bendis' attempts at snappy banter and tongue-in-cheek action just doesn't work for me. The transitions in tone from joking to serious also fail. The team just doesn't seem to be approaching situations very seriously. This seems like "Avengers light" to me and I've just never cared for that approach with this team. Having two very unlikeable characters on the team doesn't help-Stark and Sentry. For Tony and Carol's conversation concerning the Sentry, they may have well just labelled Tony "Bendis" and Carol as "typical Marvel fan". Marvel is determined that this character will eventually be great one day and they constantly need to try to sell the reader on that idea. Sentry sucks, that's the bottom line.

Stark has become such a despised character in my mind that I just didn't care about his predicament at the end of the book. We all know that he'll emerge from this, so let's enjoy his pain while it lasts. Between this and the last issue of Illuminati it's been a good few weeks for Stark-haters. Thanks Bendis!

I enjoyed Cho's artwork and it is obvious he enjoys drawing the ladies. Female Ultron looks like Jan to me, now maybe she'll become a basket case like her ex-husband. I agree with other poster's comments that joking about Hank Pym and any other Avengers who's struggled through personal problems is very unprofessional and out of character for both Carol and Stark.

I truly think that we need a new writer on at least one of the Avengers' titles. If Bendis can turn things around in 2 issues I'll be pleasantly surprised. For now his mixture of action and character development is too light and fluffy for me.

At this point my hopes for a decent Avengers title hinges on Avengers: The Initiative by Slott.

The Illuminati series has proven that Bendis can write a good action/adventure yarn. I've also been reading Ultimate X-Men stories thanks to the fact that I bought the cd-rom with the first 70 issues. His two arcs on that title were very good. With Mighty Avengers he just seems like he's having silly fun. That just doesn't appeal to me.