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Subj: just an observation (er, 3 really)
Posted: Tue Sep 04, 2007 at 01:14:09 am EDT
Reply Subj: Attok12, the annoying thing is, that's NOT the Rhino. Next time, please READ the preview.
Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 at 07:43:49 pm EDT (Viewed 1 times)

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> Nowhere in the original thread did I insult you and your work at all. I even went out of my way to say that the intent of the post wasn't about your writing.

There's a term for that. It's called "hanging a lantern on it" or "lampshade hanging".
Here's a fun link about that:

It's like me saying that this reply ISN'T about you jumping to conclusions because of your biases. Nope. It's about me setting the record straight.

See how that works? \:\)

>IT WAS ABOUT THE CONSTANT USE OF THE RHINO. It just so happened that your new SHE-HULK issue was where he showed up again. He could have showed up in BIRDS OF PREY #109, and I would have still complained about the Rhino.

Wow! That'd be some feat... Considering BOP is a DC book. \:\)

> In case you haven't noticed, I've been trying to stop with my negative comments about your work and the work of Peter David.

This is like one of those signs that mentions how many days have gone by without an accident in the workplace...

...and now the number goes back down to "0".


>So nowhere did I even mention anything about the Bengal, nor do I even give a flying flip about what goes on with him in your title. I don't even flip through the issue anymore at the store.

No. If you READ my post, you'll notice that I didn't SAY you mentioned Bengal in your last post. What I was pointing out was that in the PAST you made about 3 dozen ERRONEUS and very irate posts about my handling of Bengal. Even after I'd already responded to some telling you that I had cleared how-and-why Bengal was in the book with Bengal's CREATOR, Fabian Nicieza. AND that last week there was a scene in A:TI #5 that addressed ALL of it.

It would be SO nice if like a major publication if the most VOCAL of posters had to make retractions when they were flat-out wrong. ;\)

> So, your reply is pretty damn insulting, an unwarrented attack in my opinion, one based on the past. I have moved on, so why haven't you?

Great job moving on. And, btw, your opinion is wrong. Because if you took the time READ the preview pages you were complaining-- you'd see that NOT EVEN the Rhino. But please, hit that note again...

> The only thing I can think of is that you read my original post and saw only what you wanted to see. Either that or my English is bad. So I'll repeat myself -- THE ORIGINAL POST WAS ABOUT THE CONSTANT USE OF THE RHINO, NOT ABOUT HOW BAD I THINK YOUR WRITING IS.

Nope. I didn't see what I wanted to see. I saw YOU complaining about something you hadn't READ. Not fair, sir. Not fair at all.

Attok, an opinion is a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty. What you had WASN'T a VALID opinion. Because you HAD sufficient information RIGHT IN FRONT of you. And you didn't even take the time to take it in. You had a knee-jerk reaction and used it to draw faulty conclusions. And then you raced over to this board and posted it-- to a large virtual room of other Marvel readers-- giving misinformation about something that my team put a lot of hard work into. To me THAT'S insulting.

>And, btw, your opinion is wrong.

A) Uh..isn't the point of an opinion that it isn't necessarily wrong or right? That's why it's opinion & not fact.

B) Yeah, Dan...sarcasm when dealing with someone that openly doesn't have a high opinion of you is like taking a keg to an AA meeting, you're just asking for it, really.

C) And, seriously guys --both of you-- ...wouldn't it just be best to avoid commenting about/to one another? I mean, you've both got to know by now that saying pretty much anything regarding the other is gonna lead to this kind of stuff. Seems rather dense to keep doing it, imho.


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