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Subj: Re: Yet again, I say, "Oi!"
Posted: Wed Sep 05, 2007 at 12:08:48 pm EDT
Reply Subj: Re: Yet again, I say, "Oi!"
Posted: Wed Sep 05, 2007 at 09:33:24 am EDT

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> > This is in regards to the responses below regarding the "I hate Rhino" thread (in case it drops off): Despite the fact that everyone ganged up on me and said otherwise, I did read the preview of the SHE-HULK #21 issue at the time I first saw it, and it didn't matter to me what was said in the dialogue. It didn’t matter that Slott wrote the Rhino scene to point out the things I’ve said about the use of the Rhino. The point of the thread was that I hated the Rhino. So, Dragynwulf, my complaint was justified because I was complaining about the Rhino being used yet again for the zillionth time -- it didn't matter what the Rhino was doing and saying in the issue....he was just there. There was nothing in the original thread about how much I dislike Slott's work. There were no potshots. The thread was about how much I disliked the Rhino. That’s it. It just so happened that he appeared in a Dan Slott-written book. Had the Rhino showed up in IRON MAN #22 or JIMMY CRACK CORN AND I DON’T CARE #45, I still would have complained.
> >
> Attok, no one is "ganging up on [you]" - it just so happens that everyone who responded looked at your post and mistook you for a neurotic crack addict, and so they responded in kind (no offense to any neurotic crack addicts - I could be classified as one, too).

I consider it ganging up on me when every response to the thread is a negative one and rips into me in some way or another, subtle or otherwise. However, I am willing to admit that I feel this way because of my illness. Because I was betrayed by not one but two friends (one of twenty years), I now keep people at arm's length and find excuses to dislike people and not try to make friends with them. And believe me I want this to change and am trying but it's incredibly hard to forget what happened to me in the past and get around it. IT's a part of the process, I suppose.

> > In response to Dan Slott's thread:
> >
> > > Nowhere in the original thread did I insult you and your work at all. I even went out of my way to say that the intent of the post wasn't about your writing.
> >
> > > In case you haven't noticed, I've been trying to stop with my negative comments about your work and the work of Peter David.
> >
> > > This is like one of those signs that mentions how many days have gone by without an accident in the workplace...
> >
> > >...and now the number goes back down to "0".
> >
> > >Awww.
> >
> > The thread in which I mentioned I would try my hardest not to talk about you and Peter Daivd and your work in anymore threads happened several weeks ago and had been erased by the moderators, so you may not have seen it.
> >
> Personally, I don't think you should stop talking about Dan Slott and PAD's work. Yeah, you dislike it. I make fun of Bendis a lot (though now I get to do it at work, instead of here) and mercilessly knock people who claim that New Avengers is the most brilliant comic they've ever read - then I offer them Avengers: The Initiative or She-Hulk or Green Lantern or Justice Society, just to balance things out.
> I do feel, however, that you should stop - STOP - whining about the same things over and over. You hate the Rhino. Sure. You hate the Wrecking Crew. Sure. They're used a lot and it gets annoying. Lord knows I'm tired of it, but that won't stop me from enjoying a good comic.

Just last night, I made the decision to keep talking about whatever I want to talk about, complaints or otherwise. My opinion now is that if someone reads what I write and starts to dislike what is said, then that person will stop reading the thread and move on, knowing that what I am saying would turn into my usual complaining. Either that, or the people who don't like what I say on a regular basis will stop reading my thread entirely because they know better. Dan Slott knows how much I don't like his writing, so he should stop reading my threads because he knows better. In my experience, almost everyone likes to argue with people (and call it debating), so they tend to like to pick fights the moment they read something they don't like. I think expert debaters even have the ability to find something negative in anything anyone says so they can start an argument about it.

I say: Ben Grimm walked across the road to get the mail.

And then someone says: Yeah, but why would he walk across to get the mail when he has it delivered to the Baxter Building by Willie Lumpkin?

In any case, I always eventually stop complaining about something, although I always move on to something else, too, unfortunately. Remember when I used to complain about the Thunderbolts so much? I don't anymore do I? I'll stop about the Rhino and Slott and whatever eventually. Of course, then will come that next .

> I won't drop my copy of She-Hulk to the floor and leap up and down on it because the Rhino is in it. I will simply go "The Rhino? Again!?!" and then continue reading!
> I dunno...make it your sig or something so you don't have to talk about it unless people ask. Like: "Sinestro Corps War: I'm NOT with The Rhino!" or whatever.
> >In short, I have a mental illness (a major panic/anxiety disorder) that I am continuously battling, one I take seriously, even if no one else does.
> >
> Sorry to hear about your mental illness. I have bipolar disorder and mild onset paranoid schizophrenia. I believe there are people watching my every move and plotting against me. \:\-\)

Did you know the Monitor was standing behind you, mumbling something about "anomaly"? >:-D lol

> >Because of this, I hate to argue and fight with people. It makes me fret in more ways than one. And because I don't like to fight with people, I keep things bottled up inside me. Years and years of doing this and never saying what is on my mind when someone annoys me was a part of what led to my problem. And I realize sometimes I harp about things that bug me often on this board, but I am very much trying to fix that. In case no one noticed, I stopped complaining about your books, Mr. Slott, and about Peter David. It just so happened that one of your books will be featuring a character I totally hate, so I posted my feelings about the matter (the fact that I hate the Rhino and keep seeing him).
> >
> > >So nowhere did I even mention anything about the Bengal, nor do I even give a flying flip about what goes on with him in your title. I don't even flip through the issue anymore at the store.
> >
> > > No. If you READ my post, you'll notice that I didn't SAY you mentioned Bengal in your last post. What I was pointing out was that in the PAST you made about 3 dozen ERRONEUS and very irate posts about my handling of Bengal. Even after I'd already responded to some telling you that I had cleared how-and-why Bengal was in the book with Bengal's CREATOR, Fabian Nicieza. AND that last week there was a scene in A:TI #5 that addressed ALL of it.
> >
> > >It would be SO nice if like a major publication if the most VOCAL of posters had to make retractions when they were flat-out wrong.
> >
> I know I've done it. I apologized to PAD at the Spider-Man MB. He didn't respond. I'm still not sure what to think of the man, but I enjoy his comics, and I took back my ban on his books, because it was stupid and immature of me to put down a book I knew I'd enjoyed because I disliked the writer's "politics".

Admittedly, I ban Peter David's work because I dislike the man himself, but, to be fair, I have read his work before many times, like in SUPERGIRL and AQUAMAN and such, and I eventually got bored with the way he told stories. So it's not just me banning his work because I don't like his attitude.

> So if I put on a Rhino costume, you'll hate me? If you go to the zoo, do you skip the rhino exhibit? WTF, Attok? Get real!

You know what? You dressing up like the Rhino wouldn't bother me, and I don't hate rhinos, although I'd be mighty afraid if one of those critters started chasing me. *eek*
> > Man, is it time to buy my new comics yet? MS. MARVEL #19, NEW WARRIORS #4, MODOK'S 11#3, BLACK CANARY WEDDING PLANNER, the new COUNTDOWN, and the GRACE/WONDER WOMAN one-shot....nothing to complain about there. \:\-\)
> >
> Till you read em, that is. \:\-D

lol I fully expect to enjoy these issues. I love MS. MARVEL and have loved every issue so far. I don't expect this issue to be any different. The only thing that bugs me about NEW WARRIORS is the pacing. I am seriously looking forward to seeing the Zodiac! >:-D

> Just last night, I made the decision to keep talking about whatever I want to talk about, complaints or otherwise.

Attok, I'm glad you came to this decision. It's what you should do. This is, after all, a message board based on reader opinion, is it not?

As far as the whole Rhino thing, with the exception of my original reply stating that Wanda appeared to be in it too(even though it's obviously not the real Wanda), I stayed out of the whole conversation and watched if from afar over the last few days.

Dan Slott has every right to defend his story, but what I found peculiar was that once he stated his opinion, that's when the "let's jump all over Attok" thing began. If we are all students of Marvel and one of the instructors suddenly shows up and chastises one of those students, should the rest of the class suddenly all stand behind that instructor and join in the reprimand by sticking out their tongues and pointing fingers? The analogy may not be quite what I'm looking for but it's the best I can do on work time.

So stick to your guns and give your opinions.

Using the Rhino, even if it is too demonstrate how the character is overused, is still using the Rhino. I agree, this character has been floating around the MU way too much over the last few years to the point of overkill. Will his appearances diminish after this story? I sincerely hope so. If it doesn't, and the Rhino continues to be one of those villains that is trotted out every few months, then you will feel a measure of vindication.

Has no one made a snap judgement before based on a 6 to 7 page preview? I have, and I'm sure many other posters have too. These previews can't possibly contain the gist of the entire story. They exist simply to wet the appetite of existing fans and to possibly bring some new ones over to the title. The "don't judge until you've read the entire issue" argument doesn't quite apply here. It's an objection against the character, not the storyline. Dan Slott may feel different, but that's his opinion.

I've seen on this board and others many snap reactions to the upcoming issue of Ms. Marvel and the depiction of the Puppet Master. I admit that it looks like his character has taken a drastic, sleazy turn. But what if there's a reason for this? All hasn't been revealed. And yet I don't see any poster being criticized for making assumptions based on this preview. If Brian Reed were to show up and ask a certain poster to just stop speculating and not judge until he/she read the issue, would everyone suddenly jump all over the poster in question? I hope not, but that's what I saw happen with your thread.