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Subj: Toybiz, As Far as I Know ; Is Hasbro Really Cancelling The Marvel Legends Line? A Rant
Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2008 at 09:58:36 am EST
Reply Subj: Question about the BAFs
Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2008 at 08:20:07 pm EST

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Who was the first company to start the Build a Figures? I think its a terrific idea, and was just curious. I know that Toybiz was the first one I saw do it with the original Marvel Legends.

..and the idea has caught on with Mattel, Hasbro, and the company that recently put out a series of classic Universal Monsters...Dracula, the Mummy, the Wolfman, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, etc....when you purchased them all, you got all the parts for a 12-inch classic Frankenstein. I didn't buy it, but saw it put together, and it was very impressive.

And now Marvel Toys, formerly ToyBiz, is continuing on with the idea, though there are rumors that they've stopped production and there will be no Series 3, as earlier announced.

Mattel is doing a fantastic job with their BAFs IMO, they're leading the industry right now.

Hasbro is just sort of slogging along, rather pathetically, though of course the Fin Fang Foom figure will change all that in the immediate future.

HOWEVER, there's also rumors that the FFF BAF will be the last from Hasbro.

That is, Hasbro will not continue to make them, and may even cancel the official Marvel Legends line. Which is a shame, and their own fault: in the opinion of many, they've ****** it all up. Dropped the ball.

I think they have. More Spider Man in Black Costumes, grey Silver Surfer figures, and Punishers we do not need.

And U.S. Agent and Union Jack are poor choices for the Spiral line, IMO, which is supposed to be the last official Hasbro ML line.

They're not visually interesting or dynamic characters that catch the eye and imagination.

Not when they could be giving us the Grey Gargoyle, Mr. Hyde, the Titanium Man, Interloper, the Radioactive Man, Moondragon, the Super Adaptoid, the Man-Bull, the Jester, a Doctor Strange in his fantastic blue mask costume, the Crimson Dynamo, Nighthawk, Diablo, the High Evolutionary, the Man-Beast, an Awesome Android, the Glob, even a Red Hulk, which I'd love to see.

Mattel is producing visually FANTASTIC choices for its line, including Black Manta, Solomon Grundy, classic Aquaman, Firestorm, and Gorilla Grodd, as well as the recent Metamorpho, which I'm thrilled to own.

And I expect a Creeper figure later this year! Who's cooler looking than the Creeper?

Most of Hasbro's figures and choices, by comparison, have been reductive, 'safe,' and flat: I was glad to have the recent Quicksilver figure, but all in all, it looked like a little kid's toy compared to the Mattel and Marvel Toys figure.

Like Toybiz at the end, Hasbro seems to be putting all its energy into one or two figures per line, and putting almost 0 imagination and attention into the rest, like the boring Movie Colossus and the lackluster, just-sort-of-there Astonishing Cyclops.

They blew it with Bucky too, who also looks and moves like a rinky-dinky kid's toy. It's awkward looking and stick-like.

Personally, I think that's a disastrous strategy. Collectors today are extremely savvy. Hasbro doesn't really know what they're doing, in my opinion; I don't think the people working on the ML line are Marvel fans at all.

Who in their right mind would make the next BAF Nemesis/Holocaust, when they could be giving us a Titanium Man, a Mandroid, a Super Adaptoid, an Eternity, or Living Tribunal BAF instead?

Few know who Nemesis/Holocaust is, and even fewer care.

And to add insult to injury, the Nemesis BAF is just a reproduction of the Nemesis figure ToyBiz released in the 90s, exactly.

Please. Hasbro needs to get a grip or give up the license.


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