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Subj: I say Red Hulk is.. [SPOILERS]
Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2008 at 01:10:36 pm EST
Reply Subj: I'm On A Red Hulk Bender (Not A Bendis) Right Now - I Love The Red Hulk [SPOILERS]
Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2008 at 10:17:21 am EST

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..even though I don't have the vaguest clue who he is or what he is.

After the Bruce Jones era and WWH, I'm bored To Death with the regular green Hulk, Bruce Banner, and all of that.

Pak had a golden opportunity, but blew it in my opinion, though of course Marvel and JQ have to take some of the blame too for WWH.

Yeah, there's no real way the unstoppable, uber-Hulk-like Abomination could be taken out with a super-bullet. I just can't see it. I think Galactus could kill him, or perhaps Thanos, but no bullet could pierce his skin, even if shot into his eye socket.

But things may not be what they seem, since the Red Hulk is in two places at once, attacks the She Hulk on the hellicarrier but then seems to vanish, and Rick Jones mysteriously turns into a new Abomination.

What's going on?

Mighty Avengers was very cool and worth your $2.99. I have no problems admitting it. It was the best Avengers issue Bendis has ever worked on, IMO. You won't be disappointed, even though it's a fairlyu quick read. It's too too bad that Bagley is leaving. He's done wonders on this title.

Peace, Doc.

Did I answer your questions?

> >

> >
> > But..the Abomination being killed by a super bullet to the head? That I don't buy.
> Abombination doesn't get a lot of love lately. I recently read his first appearance back in Tales to Astonish and he got a clean win over the Hulk the first time out. I know a lot has changed since then but if SHIELD has guns that can poke holes in a creature like the Abombination where were they during WWH? Did they address the fact that the Abombination was part of Project Achilles and was suppossed to be controlled by SHIELD nanite-tech?
> >
> > He's the Abomination, for chrisakes, not the Ringmaster or Mentallo.
> I liked Slott's She-Hulk but didn't care for the fact that she took Abombination down pretty easily. He didn't even lay a hand on her if I recall correctly. Villains of this caliber should be handled more consistently.
> >
> > But I love this title so far. Loeb's doing a great job. I recommend it to everyone, and Loeb even makes IM likeable enough.
> I'm thinking about it despite swearing off Hulk a few months ago.
> Do you think, as I've seen posted on various message boards, that Samson is the number on suspect for being Red Hulk.
> >
> > Is the Red Hulk a skrull? I hope not.
> >
> > But Rick Jones is the new Abomination!
> What's up with that? Everyone in the Hulk's extended cast is Hulking out!

General Ross. Maybe he's a Skrull, maybe not, but I think it's him.. if HE is him \:\) Looked like a setup to me when he was 'hurt'.. Samson's probably twisted up into a knot somewhere. Of course what's up with the haircut for Samson? He still had the long hair at the end of WWH as in the banner above.

OR.. more than 1 Red hulk? Nah, but he growled at Stark, supposedly spoke to Jen (if SHE'S Jen!)A ploy or an indicator? Maybe he MAKES Hulks, turned Samson into a mindless Brute.. nah..

This Skrull stuff has everyone suspect, but Ross works for me. Teal A-Bomb Jones? I dunno.. if Rick can be THAT then Red Hulk could be Banner.. Jones was a Hulk once before now he's completely different?

It's drawn out a bit.. it's already been late.. this is a comic I decide on buying when it shows, it's not on the pull list yet.

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